Certified Recreational Boating Professional program seeking volunteers

By Hannah Helsby posted 10-10-2018 12:32 PM

Volunteers needed, content development for Certified Recreational Boating Professional (CRBP) program
NASBLA is seeking volunteers to assist in developing questions for the Certified Recreational Boating Professional (CRBP) assessment. Volunteers will develop 10-20 multiple-choice questions using NASBLA testing question standards. The volunteers will use their professional expertise in their respective subject areas to develop questions that align with the 10 CRBP domains and competencies. 

NASBLA is currently compiling questions written specifically  for the following domains: Boating Law Administration, Federal Programs, Partnerships, Boating Safety Marketing, Outreach and Public Relations, Boating Safety Education, Boating Safety Training and Program Development.

It is anticipated that it would take a volunteer about two hours to write the questions and provide answers and reference sources in the recommended format. Unless you have written questions for the CRBP before, volunteers will be asked to attend a brief teleconference.

If interested in volunteering, please contact John Malatak by email or by phone at 859.225.9487.