NASBLA Education Director Announced

By Hannah Helsby posted 11 days ago

9549f2a1-0561-4945-91ab-d5e7677160a5.jpgNASBLA is pleased to announce the hiring of the Association's next Education Director. NASBLA's current Education & Standards Director, Pam Dillon, CAE, will retire in late 2019. After a rigorous benchmarking, application and hiring process, Mark Chanski was selected to join NASBLA for this transition. Mark Chanski joined NASBLA on June 1 and will assume the full role of Education Director following the NASBLA Annual Conference. 

Mark comes to NASBLA from the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection where he was employed for the last 12 years. He has been an active member of NASBLA’s Education and Outreach Committee, a participant on the association's Education Standards Panel and a proud graduate of the NASBLA Leadership Academy. He participated as a subject matter expert in the field validation process for all of the National On-Water Standards (NOWS) Program domains including power, sail and human-propelled vessels. Mark volunteered on a NASBLA project which followed ANSI guidelines to develop on-water boating course validation procedures and subsequently was chosen as Project Manager for NASBLA’s On-Water Boating Skills Verified Course program. 

Mark, as the Education Director, will serve as the Association's lead staff on matters pertaining to state and national boater education programs and the NASBLA Education & Outreach Committee. Duties also include providing direct staff support for the NASBLA Education & Outreach Committee Chair, managing and overseeing education related grant projects, and representing NASBLA’s education interest before other national boater education forums. 


11 days ago

Congrats Mark and NASBLA for continuing excellence in boating safety education! Sad to see Pam shipping out, but great to see Mark sailing in! I've had the pleasure of working with Mark, and I know he will do well.

11 days ago

​Congratulations Mark!! Best of luck in this new adventure!

11 days ago

Mark is an EXCELLENT choice for the position! Pam’s shoes, as we all know, are going to be an unbelievable challenge to fill for anyone. However, given Mark’s involvement in all things education for the past several years, he certainly has a good understanding of what’s going on along with the numerous pitfalls in front of him dealing with the required ANSI process.

kudos to the Board / hiring panel that made the decision and congratulations to Mark! I’m certain Pam is comfortable leaving the program in his capable hands.