Boating Accident News 2/26/2013

By Kristy Moore posted 02-26-2013 11:33 AM

02-25-13 MONTEREY, CA Crews search for family who abandoned sinking boat (02-25-13) Crews planned to search by sea and air through the night Mon. (02-25) as they ramped up efforts to find a husband, wife and 2 young children who sent a series of distress calls saying their sailboat was sinking far off the Central California coast and they were fashioning a raft from a cooler and a life ring. The unidentified family had been sailing a small vessel Sun. (02-24) W. of Monterey Bay, where strong winds, cold water and big swells made for perilous conditions. Forecasters had issued a weekend advisory warning boaters of rough seas in the area. The group — which included 2 children under 8 — made its 1st distress call late Sun. afternoon, USCG Lt. Heather Lampert said. Investigators used the boat's radio signal and radar to determine the call came from an area about 60 mi. W. of Monterey. The boaters reported that their 29-ft. sailboat was taking on water and the electronics were failing. Read full story here.
02-24-13 JACKSONVILLE, FL Dead man found floating near mysterious boat wreckage off Florida coast (02-25-13 The USCG is trying to figure out what happened to a deceased man found floating in the Atlantic Ocean Sun. (02-24) near the wreckage of a boat about 22 mi. E. of Jacksonville, Florida. The search for potential survivors continued Mon. (02-25), with CG boats on the scene gathering evidence and looking for other people who may have been on the boat, said Lt. Grant Johnson, a CG public affairs officer. Investigators have not yet identified the boat and don't know where it came from or where it was headed. Approximately 10 lifejackets were found near the boat debris, but the CG has not found evidence that other people were on the boat. "We're working under the assumption other people were on board," Johnson said. "We're going to err on the side of safety. With the lack of evidence we're inclined to continue searching until we know otherwise." The CG found the man's passport and believe he is a 49-y/o who last lived in Miami. His body was recovered and taken to the medical examiner's office in Jacksonville. Officials declined to identify the man pending notification of his family. The CG is working with local law enforcement to find his family and figure out what may have happened to the boat. The CG did not receive a distress call related to the vessel, 2 large pieces of which were found near the body. The wreckage was first spotted around 6 p.m. Sun. evening by an aircrew from the Florida FWC. The CG searched through the night for survivors, with boats and aircraft involved in the operation. Bad weather in the Jacksonville area prevented CG aircraft from searching the debris field Mon. morning (02-25), but 3 boats remained on the scene looking for survivors and gathering evidence. Read full story here.
02-23-13 PELL CITY, AL Boaz man released from hospital after boat crash on lake (02-25-13) Allison McKinney knows she can never thank her husband’s rescuers enough for helping him following a 2-boat collision Sat. afternoon (02-23). David McKinney, 47, of Boaz, was alone in a bass boat on Lake Guntersville Sat. just after noon when a 2nd boat carrying Robert Quick, of Locust Fork, and James Love, of Pell City, crashed into McKinney’s boat. McKinney, who witnesses said was not wearing a life vest, was discovered face down in the water, slumped over the side of his boat. Quick and Love were thrown from their boat in the impact. Melissa Yeazel said Sat. she and her husband, Brian, were on a boat with Lynn Warner and her husband, Mark, of Huntsville, doing a test drive when they saw the collision. The Yeazels sped to the floundering boats and pulled McKinney from the water. “We were able to meet with Mr. and Mrs. Yeazel at the hospital,” McKinney said Mon. afternoon (02-25) as she and her husband awaited discharge from Huntsville Hosp.
 “We just saw them colliding,” Yeazel said Sat. soon after the collision. “At first I didn’t believe what I was seeing. There was stuff flying and stuff all over in the water.” She said she first saw 2 men in life vests treading water near one boat. Another man in a 2nd boat – later identified as McKinney – was not wearing a vest, she said. “We had to make the choice of who to help first,” Warner said. “We went to the man whose face was in the water.” Upon pulling him into their boat, Yeazel said McKinney’s face was blue and he was not breathing. Officer Thomas Bobo of the Alabama Marine Police said McKinney’s boat was struck by the other boat in a “crossover” manner. McKinney’s boat received major damage while the other boat received less. David McKinney and Robert Quick were pulled from the lake by members of the Guntersville Rescue Squad and other nearby boaters. McKinney and Quick were transported initially to a pier at the Marshall Co. Campground. Medical choppers were initially requested but could not fly due to misty, foggy weather conditions. Medics instead rushed the men to Marshall Med. Center N. They were later transferred to Huntsville Hosp.. Warner said McKinney was suffering from a head wound when they pulled him from the water and Quick was complaining of paralysis.
Love was treated at the scene by Georgia Mountain VFD personnel and declined transport to area hospitals. Quick was listed in serious condition at Huntsville Hosp. Mon. David McKinney was released Mon. afternoon. Alabama Marine Police are continuing an investigation into the accident and have thus far not issued a completed report. Read full story here.
02-21-13 ATLANTIC CITY, NJ Man Rescued From Grounded Boat In Atlantic County (02-22-13) Officials say a 25-y/o man was rescued from his boat in Atlantic County Thur. (02-21). According to officials, the victim’s boat ran aground near Margate, New Jersey on Thur. He called a commercial towing company for help but lost communication with them due to a dying cell phone battery. Authorities say the towing company was able to contact the USCG, who spotted the 25-y/o aboard his 21-ft. boat from a helicopter. A boatcrew was sent in to rescue the man who was not wearing a life acket, did not have a marine-band radio, and could not communicate. He was turned over to Margate EMS personnel in an unknown condition. The CG is urging boaters to equip their boats with the necessary equipment and take a boating safety course. Read full story here.
02-25-13 COUPEVILLE, WA 2 men, 1 dog rescued from drifting boat off Whidbey Island (02-16-13) The USCG has rescued 2 men and a dog from a small boat blown away from a Whidbey Island, Wash., shore in 45 mph winds. Petty Officer Nate Littlejohn says a helicopter dispatched to the scene Mon. (02-25) found the men and dog adrift in an 18-ft. boat a mile offshore with no engine, sail or other means of propulsion. All 3 were hoisted to safety. Littlejohn says the men were checked at a local hosp. and released. The men said they had been blown away from the shore while trying to trailer the boat. Whidbey Island is N. of Seattle. Read full story here.
02-26-13 PONTE VEDRA BEACH, FL 2 men and a dog were rescued from a crippled sailboat in Ponte Vedra (02-26-13) Two men are back on solid ground after their sailboat lost power stranding them in the Atlantic Ocean. The 35-ft. sailboat still had working sails and ran aground early Tue. morning (02-26) in S.Ponte Vedra Beach. The 2 elderly passengers were taken to Flagler Hosp. for evaluation, according to Jeremy Robshaw with St. Johns Fire Rescue. Both men were alert and talking when rescue crews arrived, but were tired after being adrift for a week. A 3rd passenger, a dog, was also on board the sail boat as well. We do not have a condition update yet on the pet. Read full story here.
02-22-13 NEW SMYRNA BEACH, FL FWC investigating sinking of sailboat (02-22-13) The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Comm. is investigating a 42-ft. sailboat that sank around 11:20 a.m. Fri. morning (02-22) in the ICW at Marker 18 near Ponce Inlet, New Smyrna Beach. The boat ran aground and slowly sank. FWC officers removed the 2 people on board, their cocker spaniel, and their belongings, taking them safely to shore. The boat, named Primrose, was built in 1977. The boat owners are in the process of removing the vessel from the waterway. The boat is registered to an owner from Green Cove Springs. Read full story here.
02-16-13 SAND CITY, CA Kayak surfer rescued off Sand City (02-18-13) A 44-y/o Salinas man was treated for hypothermia after his kayak capsized off Sand City about 10:30 a.m. Sat. (02-16), the USCG said. Petty Officer Matthew Derego said the man was "kayak surfing" — a sport where people ride waves in kayaks instead of on surfboards — when his kayak capsized and he couldn't get back into it. The man, dressed in a spray-suit top and regular shorts, clung to the craft for 45 min. while his friend went into shore to call for help. When CG officers reached him, Derego said, he was shaking hard and "couldn't grab anything." The man was warmed in an ambulance with blankets and heating pads for about 10 min., but declined to be taken to a hosp. Kayaks used in kayak surfing, like those used in whitewater rapids, are maneuverable but unstable, Derego said. Read full story here.
02-24-13 MIAMI, FL Woman injured in boat crash (02-25-13) A day out on the water ended with a trip to the hosp. Two boats crashed into each other off the coast of Miami, at around 2:30 p.m., Sun. (02-24). The boats collided near the Pelican Harbor Marina. One woman was seriously injured and brought to shore. Miami-Fire Rescue took her to Jackson Mem. Hosp.  Read full story here.

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