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Make courses open to public -- open to all

  • 1.  Make courses open to public -- open to all

    Posted 06-30-2020 03:54 PM
    There is a public audience for NASBLA courses. I recommend making at least the following courses open to any member of the public at a cost determined by NASBLA. In other words, I recommend lifting any restriction of public safety agency membership. I also recommend that agencies taking courses open any unfilled seats to members of the public willing to pay for a seat. Below are reasons.

    - Boat Crew Member
    - BOSAR

    Selected benefits and rationale:
    1) Inclusiveness
    2) The content of these is not sensitive information.
    3) It will create a safer boating public. It will create a safer boater.
    Having gone through tasks/quals for some of the above, I know this will be true.
    4) Inspiration: the attendee may become interested in a career in marine le or public safety.
    5) Networking and career dev.: it may help people uninterested in agency (le, etc.) careers, find avenues to careers in marine safety outside of formal agencies.
    6) Anyone wanting to serve in a community service such as maritime safety and rescue should be welcomed with open arms and encouraged.
    7) There is a public audience who have other jobs, responsibilities, or careers, but who would either benefit from these courses or who are interested in becoming more skilled.
    8) Doing so can open up doors to innovation and ideation from students who may become interested, or who have other expertise that can contribute/support NASBLA and US boating safety
    9) By opening unfilled courses to any paying citizen, it will bring in revenue for the agency and NASBLA.

    B.A.., M.A., MMC 100 ton.
    Seeking work and training opportunities to serve in maritime safety & SAR, globally.
    Seeking also small boat (38 ft or less) operations job in any sector.
    Available to volunteer for rescue boat teams. Open to apprenticeships, temp and seasonal roles.

    Help others succeed and you will.
    Webmaster & Dev., Journal of SAR.

    Experience writing grants/proposals, training manuals & study guides.

    Able to teach basic seamanship, SAR concepts, boat crew duties, jetski rescue operations.