NASBLA Roundtable

  • 1.  COVID Equipment

    Posted 06-16-2020 02:21 AM
    Does anyone have equipment or technique suggestions for water crew response in COVID climate?

    The presidency of a lifesaving org. asked me for ideas on equipment, and although I provided a couple, I'm curious if there's any specific PPE, or operational techniques that are helpful for first-responders.


    P.S. Looking for more co-authors on paper about improving maritime SAR terminology (please contact me if interested).

    Seeking opportunities to serve in maritime safety & SAR, globally.
    Available to volunteer for rescue boat teams. Open to apprenticeships, temp and seasonal roles.

    Help others succeed and you will.
    Webmaster & Dev., Journal of SAR.
    BA, MA. & Merchant Marine Cred (100 ton)

    Seeking also small boat (38 ft or less) operations job in any sector.
    Experience writing grants/proposals, training manuals & study guides.

    Able to teach basic seamanship, SAR concepts, boat crew duties, jetski rescue operations.