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  • 1.  Question - Literature on water rescue methods for layperson, bystander, professional - US National Water Safety Plan

    Posted 02-08-2021 03:55 PM

    I'm serving to help develop the US National Water Safety Plan. Our group, along with others, is conducting an environmental scan to gather information. Your suggestions would be invaluable.

    1) Would you recommend or provide literature about water rescue techniques or water rescue response recommendations for the layperson and the bystander?

    2) Same question but for professional water rescue services.

    3) Same question but for non-aquatic emergency response groups that may add water rescue to their services.
    (e.g., fire departments., police depts., parks services, volunteer emergency groups, etc.)

    4) Can you point to nation-wide water rescue recommendations?

    Literature types: anything from manuals, research articles, legal regulations, studies, standards documents, etc.
    If you have files that can be distributed, please message me to send to my email.
    Some focus areas are: boat-based rescue recommendations, in-water rescue recommendations.

    Thank you.

    Be safe,

    U.S. National Water Safety Plan.
    B.A.., M.A., MMC 100 ton.
    Seeking work and training opportunities to serve in maritime safety & SAR, globally.
    Seeking also small boat (38 ft or less) operations job in any sector.
    Available to volunteer for rescue boat teams. Open to apprenticeships, temp and seasonal roles.

    Help others succeed and you will.
    Webmaster & Dev., Journal of SAR.

    Experience writing grants/proposals, training manuals & study guides.

    Able to teach basic seamanship, SAR concepts, boat crew duties, jetski rescue operations.

  • 2.  RE: Question - Literature on water rescue methods for layperson, bystander, professional - US National Water Safety Plan

    Posted 02-09-2021 11:54 AM
    RowSafeUSA.Org recently released an emergency handbook for rowers. It's posted on the website [ ] and available in a pocket-sized accordion fold handbook.

    The emphasis in this handbook is on emergency first aid in critical situations. Equally important, I believe, is a comparable handbook for water-rescue techniques directed specifically at this audience. Racing shells are extremely narrow, inherently unstable, and rowers rarely wear life-jackets under any conditions. Coaching launches, when they accompany rowers, are often unsuitable for rowing rescue and have capsized in numerous accounts of rowing accidents.  We have done preliminary drafting on this and would appreciate suggestions or help with further development.


    Marc Messing