Vessel Identification, Registration & Titling

  • 1.  Vessel Titling Updates

    Posted 04-18-2019 09:44 AM
    Updates on vessel titling from NMMA:

    Vessel Titling – Securing strong boat titling legislation that protects consumers and small businesses from fraud progressed in key states.
    • Alabama – Last week, The Uniform Certificate of Title Act (SB152/HB303) was introduced in both chambers of the Alabama Legislature. Both versions were favorably reported out of their respective committees and will soon be read on the House and Senate floors.
    • Florida – NMMA's efforts to improve Florida's existing boat titling laws has been met with little opposition. The new legislation provides powerful consumer protections, as well as a number of changes to create uniformity with other states. It is supported by boating and legal experts – including the U.S. Coast Guard, BoatUS, NMMA, and the state's Department of Motor Vehicle and legislative leaders. The House version is expected to face a vote by the full body in the next week, and the Senate version will likely go to the floor for a vote in about two weeks. If enacted, Florida will be the first top 10 boating state to have adopted the Uniform Certificate of Vessels Act. NMMA is grateful for the unwavering support and hard work of Florida State Rep. Jaydor Williamson (HB0475) and Florida State Senator Ed Hooper (SB676).
    • Georgia – The Georgia Legislature passed vessel titling legislation (HB314) – marking the first time the state has passed a recreational boat titling measure – and sent it to Governor Kemps' desk who is expected to sign. Securing titling laws in key boating states is a top NMMA advocacy priority and the organization celebrated the bill's approval, calling it a major victory for the entire industry.

    Rick Barrera
    VIRT Staff
    National Association of State Boating Law Administrators