Boating Safety Tips For Labor Day Weekend

By Hannah Helsby posted 08-30-2017 03:28 PM

Boating Safety Tips For Labor Day Weekend

The National Association of State Boating Law Administrators would like to remind boaters of a few boating safety tips to keep in mind as boaters across the country prepare to head out on the water for one of the last major boating weekends of the year.

      • Boat Sober. Alcohol use is the leading contributing factor in boater fatalities. Do not bring or consume alcohol or drugs while on the water. Vision, balance and reaction times are negatively affected.

      • Wear A Life Jacket. Everyone on board should be wearing a life jacket at all times, not stowed away “just in case”. By the time you will need it there is not time to put one on.

      • File A Float Plan. File a float plan and leave it with at least one person so they know where to find you if needed. Law enforcement can use this if you need assistance.

      • Know The Rules. Boater education courses help boaters prepare for time on the water and cover boating laws, navigation rules, what to do before you get underway, and other useful information.

      • Engine Cut-Off Device. Many accidents involve boaters who fall overboard. Using an engine cut-off device will shut the engine down if the operator is ejected or falls overboard.

      • Check The Weather. Check weather conditions and be aware of any potential storm warnings before you head out on the water.