Boating Accident News 10/16/2012

By Kristy Moore posted 10-17-2012 10:47 AM

10-12-12 PORTSMOUTH, VA Crewman dies after falling off sailboat (10-15-12) A crewman aboard a 50-ft. sailboat died after he fell overboard near the mouth of the Rappahannock River Fri. evening (10-12). USCG spokesman Lt. Brett Workman said watchstanders were notified just after 7 p.m  about a man who fell overboard the schooner Cuchulain near Windmill Point in the Chesapeake Bay. The vessel had just completed racing in the annual Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race, which started in Annapolis, Md., Thur. (12-11) and ended around 4 p.m. Fri. off the Virginia coast. The 7-member crew of the Cuchulain was taking down the ship's sails in high winds and rough seas when the crewman fell overboard, said Virginia Marine Police spokesman John Bull. The Cuchulain, based out of Pasadena, Md., was running on its diesel engines when a heavy sail knocked 68-y/o Paul Stephen Case of Racine, Wis., into the water. Bull said Case lost consciousness after he went into the water. Crew members pulled him back aboard and began CPR. The CG launched a response boat from the Milford Haven station. The crew brought Case back to the station where they were met by Middlesex Co. paramedics. Resuscitation attempts by the CG and paramedics were unsuccessful, and medics pronounced him dead at the station. Bull described Case as an experienced and avid sailor who competed in the Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race the last 2 years. Crew members told Virginia Marine Police Case was not wearing his life jacket when he fell into the water. "This has all the hallmarks of an accidental drowning," Bull said. The body was taken to the Medical Examiner's Office in Richmond to determine the exact cause of death. Read full story here
10-13-12 BAY ST. LOUIS, MS 4 men rescued after boat hits reef near Bay St. Louis (10-14-12) A boat, which launched from New Orleans headed toward Biloxi, ran aground on Taylor Key reef seriously injuring 2 of the passengers, according to the Mississippi Dept. for Marine Resources. The Miss. Marine Patrol, USCG and the Bay St. Louis FD worked together to rescue the 4 men in the 30-ft. cuddy cabin boat. The boaters had called 911 after the crash but could not report their location because they were carrying no GPS or navigational equipment onboard. The Bay St. Louis Police Department instructed them to shoot a flare to help determine their location. Marine Patrol officers and the CG pinpointed the boat at about 2:25 a.m. Sat. (10-13). All 4 men were wearing life jackets. Their boat was half on the concrete reef and half submerged in water. The 2 seriously injured men were transported ashore by the CG and the Bay St. Louis FD's Emergency Medical Technician. The seriously injured men were transported to Memorial Hosp.s at Gulfport. Read full story here
10-13-12 LINCOLN, NE Search continues for Missouri River boat operator (10-14-12) A search is being conducted for a boat operator who fell out of a boat on the Missouri River near Ponca State Park on Sat. (10- 13). The man launched at the park at 7:30 a.m., proceeding downstream to approximately river mile marker 753. The operator was attempting to anchor the boat when the anchor rope pulled him and a passenger overboard. The passenger climbed aboard and called the Dixon Co. Sheriff's Office at 8:03 a.m. The passenger was treated for mild hypothermia. The search for the missing man was conducted until approximately 7:30 p.m. and then resumed at 8 a.m. on Sun. (10-14). The Nebraska Game and Parks Comm. is being assisted in the search by South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks, Dixon Co. Sheriff's Office, Ponca Fire and Rescue, Newcastle Fire and Rescue, Dixon Co. EMS, Cedar Co. EMS, Yankton Co. Search and Rescue, Great Plains Search Dogs of Brookings, S.D., and the American Red Cross. The search is concentrating on an area between river mile markers 753 and 751. Read full story here

10-13-12 ESSEXVILLE, MI Coast Guard rescues 2 from boat on Saginaw Bay (10-14-12) The USCG says its crews have rescued 2 people from a sinking boat in Lake Huron. The rescue happened about 5:20 p.m. Sat. (10-13), about 2 mi. E. of Channel Island in the lake's Saginaw Bay. The CG hasn't identified those it rescued. It says a radio monitor at CG Station Saginaw River in Essexville, Mich., got notice about 5 p.m. that 2 people were on an 18-ft. pleasure craft rapidly taking on water. The CG says a rescue crew aboard a 25-ft. Response Boat-Small found the aft section of the pleasure boat filled more than half-way with water. The agency says those on the boat were rescued, and their boat was towed to shore. Read full story here
10-13-12 TACOMA, WA 1 rescued from Puget Sound after boat capsizes (10-14-12) One person was rescued from the cold waters of Puget Sound late Sat. (10-13) after a small boat capsized, Tacoma fire officials said. Two fireboats, one from Tacoma FD and one from Anderson Island, were dispatched to the scene, off the NW  tip of McNeil Island, at about 6:40 p.m. Sat. Initial reports were that 2 people had fallen into the water after a 14-ft.  skiff capsized. The 2 fireboats conducted a parallel search, and after about 10 min. they found one of the victims in the water, clinging to the capsized skiff. That person was pulled from the water and taken to shore. The 2nd person from the skiff was able to swim to shore and was found safe on the beach. Both victims are expected to be OK. Read full story here
10-13-12 DANVILLE, IL Danville man drowns at fishing tournament (10-15-12) Authorities in east-central Illinois say a 72-y/o man drowned after falling out of his boat at the start of a weekend fishing tournament. Vermilion Co. Coroner Peggy Johnson says Kenneth Dunbar of Danville was pronounced dead Sat. morning (10-13) after he fell into Lake Vermilion. The coroner's office says Dunbar had just left the boat ramp to participate in the Illini Bass Club tournament when he fell out of the boat.
Johnson says an autopsy on Sun. (10-14) determined that Dunbar drowned, but she says he had severe heart problems that are believed to have contributed to the accident. Read full story here
10-10-12 FERNANDINA BEACH, FL Fernandina Beach tow boat operator rescues woman at sea (10-12-12) A St. Marys, Ga., woman is alive and well, thanks to the quick response of a tow boat operator. A boat containing 4 women became stranded on the St. Marys River at Fernandina Beach last week, and the situation became more critical when one of the women ended up in the water. The USCG was contacted but it was an hour away. The CG contacted Tow Boat U.S., which called employee Joe Burkett. Burkett was already at the dock in Fernandina Beach, so it took him less than 15 min. to arrive at the stranded boat. He was pointed in the direction of where the woman had entered the water without a lifejacket about 20 minutes before. He saw what he thought were 2 dolphins but actually were her hands in the air. She was about a mile from the boat at that time, heading out to sea in the strong 9 mph current. He took her back to the boat and towed it and the women to St. Marys.  Read full story here
10-12-12 HONOLULU, HI Boat runs aground off Keehi Lagoon (10-13-12) Fri. night (10-12) rescue crews were called to the scene to help 4 people, 2 adults and 2 children, stranded on a boat that ran aground. Officials say 3 people were taken off the vessel. One stayed on, and the boat was able to drift into deeper waters. It was later towed to a small boat harbor. There is no major damage reported. Fire officials say the boat is no longer stuck in shallow waters off Keehi Lagoon. Officials say the vessel was able to drift back into deeper waters. Read full story here
10-12-12 VENTURA, CA Ventura boat fire: no injuries reported (10-13-12) Authorities responded to a report of a boat fire in the Ventura Keys Fri. morning (10-12). The incident happened near Seaview Avenue shortly after 9:30 a.m. Officials said when crews arrived at the scene, the fire appeared to be extinguished already. It was determined that the fire was caused by an electrical malfunction. No injuries were reported. Damage was estimated at $500. Read full story here
10-14-12 SUWANNEE, FL Search continues for missing kayaker near Suwannee (10-16-12) The search continues in Suwannee for a kayaker last seen 2 days ago. The USCG is helping the Florida FWC in searching for 46-y/o James F. McDonald. He was reported overdue in a 14-ft. kayak Sunday (10-14). His family said he left for a camping and kayaking trip Tue. (10-09) and had not returned. A helicopter searched through the area Mon. morning (10-15). The CG says kayakers should follow safety measures that include a float plan for family and friends; wear a lifejacket; be aware of weather conditions and water temperature; and stay hydrated. Read full story here
10-14-12 CAPE MAY, NJ 1 rescued after sailboat capsizes in Delaware Bay (10-15-12) A USCG crew came to the rescue of a boater whose 15-ft. sailboat overturned near the entrance of Delaware Bay. A pilot flying into Cape May Airport around 6 p.m. Sun. (10-14) saw the man and reported the distress to airport personnel, who notified the CG. A crew on a 45-ft. CG boat from Cape May soon arrived and found the man, who was wearing a lifejacket, standing on his overturned catamaran. After helping him right his vessel, they escorted him back to shore. The boater was not injured in the incident. Read full story here
10-15-12 CHARLOTTE COUNTY, FL 31-foot sailboat saved 10 miles off Stump Pass (10-15-12) A Charlotte Co. Sheriff's Marine Patrol boat found a 31-ft. sailboat 10 mi. out in the Gulf of Mexico off Stump Pass after receiving a call at 6:19 a.m. Mon. (10-15) about a lone boat captain in distress. It was taken to Gasparilla Marina for repairs. The captain had called the USCG saying his boat was taking on water, lost power and his battery was dead. CCSO Communications provided the latitude and longitude of the sailboat location. The CCSO Marine Patrol Boat was first on scene at 7:35 a.m. and began towing the sailboat in 4-5 ft. seas with rolling waves. Read full story here
10-13-12 PORT MANSFIELD, TX Coast Guard rescues 3 from wrecked sailboat (10-13-12) The USCG rescued 3 men after their sailboat ran aground off South Padre Island about 8 mi. S. of the Port Mansfield Jetties. Three men were rescued by a CG helicopter crew early Sat. morning (10-13) from the sailboat that had run aground. “The weather was terrible!” said the owner of Lively, the 38-ft. sailboat. There were 8-10 ft. seas all night and 20 mph winds. They used their marine band radio to call CG watchstanders in Corpus Christi for help at 3:51 a.m. The watchstanders deployed crews aboard a Station South Padre Island 41-ft. Utility Boat and an Air Station Corpus Christi MH-65 Dolphin helicopter. The helicopter crew arrived to rescue the 3 men at 6:05 a.m. "This is a tragic situation for the owner, but we are glad to get them back safely,” said Lt. Cmdr. Ryan Matson, the helicopter pilot. “Although the navigation around Padre Island may seem basic during the day, night time navigation along the vast uninhabited areas of Padre Island is always challenging, even for more experienced mariners. There are very few lights along the shore in these regions, and the lights from oil rigs can be disorienting. Especially at night, we hope other mariners can learn from this situation to plot out GPS locations frequently along with the future track lines for where they are headed." The owner had been traveling since Thur. morning (10-11) with his 2 friends. He had just purchased the boat as a retirement home, sailing it from Houston to Port Isabel. Read full story here

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