Boating Accident News 11/6/2012

By Kristy Moore posted 11-06-2012 10:33 AM

11-04-12 POINT REYES NATIONAL SEASHORE, CA Dramatic rescue saves 7 off Northern California (11-05-12) Five people clinging to an overturned boat were plucked from frigid water and 2 children were freed from the craft after the its hull was cut open during a dramatic rescue along the Northern California coast that ended with only one minor injury. The water at the mouth of Tomales Bay was choppy and cold when the 25-ft. boat capsized on Sun. (11-04).  At least 5 of the 7 people on board were not wearing lifejackets. A Sonoma Co. sheriff's helicopter happened to be patrolling nearby and was able to reach the boat within minutes. "Normally, these types of incidents do not turn out as well as they did. This was a very happy ending," said Marin Co. Fire Battalion Chief Bill Roberts. Rescue crews found a 3-y/o boy, an 11-y/o girl and 3 adults clinging to the hull. A deputy was lowered and grabbed the toddler, and the helicopter took him to land. The others were pulled from the water one-by-one in an operation that lasted less than 10 min., Sonoma Co. sheriff's Sgt. Ed Hoener said. Two more children, 6 and 8, were trapped inside the cabin. Rescuers stayed with them as the boat was towed to shore, communicating by tapping. Marin Co. firefighters then used a circular saw to crack open the hull and pull them out. One of the adults suffered a minor injury, but everyone else was apparently fine. The identities of those on board the boat have not been released. Read full story here.
11-03-12 ANNAPOLIS, MD Injured sailor rescued from 22-foot boat on Severn River near Annapolis (11-04-12) The USCG says a 64-y/o sailor was rescued from a boat on the Severn River near Annapolis after he suffered head, neck and back injuries. The sailor was rescued from the 22-ft. boat Sat. afternoon (11-03) after another crew member on the boat radioed for help. The CG says Maryland Natural Resources Police and the Anne Arundel Co. FD also participated in the rescue. The identity of the rescued sailor and the extent of his injuries were not immediately released. No other injuries were reported. Read full story here.
11-04-12 KETCHIKAN, AK Coast Guard rescues two men and dog near Ketchikan (11-05-12) During a windstorm Sun. (11-04), the USCG rescued 2 men and their dog from 2 39-ft. vessels lashed together in Gem Cove 23 mi. E. of Ketchikan. The 2 men were taken to Herring Bay and transferred safely to EMS by a Station Ketchikan 25-ft. Response Boat-Small crew after one of the men reportedly began exhibiting heart attack symptoms. The CG was initially notified of the case by the Canadian command center in Prince Rupert, British Columbia. The men aboard the vessels had reported that they were taking on water in Gem Cove. The CG launched a Station Ketchikan 47-ft. Motor Life Boat to respond but the crew was unable to come alongside due to on-scene conditions and shallow water depth. The Station Ketchikan Response Boat-Small (RBS) crew was sent to assist. The Response Boat-Small (RBS) crew was able to get alongside the vessels and transfer the 2 people and their dog to safety. Read full story here.

11-02-12 SEATTLE, WA Coast Guard rescues 4, pulls boat from Cape Disappointment jetty (11-02-12) The CUSCGG rescued 4 boaters after their 27-ft. recreational vessel Cathy Gail washed up against the A Jetty at Cape Disappointment Fri. (11-02). The CG received the report at 12:41 p.m., from a Good Samaritan who was unable to assist the Cathy Gail due to its location. A 25-ft. response boat crew and a 47-ft. motor lifeboat crew from Station Cape Disappointment responded and arrived on scene at 12:54 p.m. The response boat crew took the Cathy Gail, with the 4 members onboard, in tow away from the rocks and toward the Port of Ilwaco. While in tow the Cathy Gail began taking on water; however, the flooding was contained using a dewatering pump that was transferred onboard from the response boat. At 2:14 p.m., the response boat crew, the Cathy Gail and its crew arrived safely at the Ilwaco port. No injuries were reported. The cause of the mishap has not been determined pending investigation. Read full story here.

11-02-12 NEW BUFFALO, MI Damaged yacht survives Lake Michigan's high waves (11-02-12) A 56-ft. yacht that was slammed against rocks in New Buffalo after its engines died survived the pounding from 20-ft. waves this week. The entire watercraft was resting safely today on a private beach as crews began preparing for the monumental task of getting the 20-ton vessel out of the sand and back into the water. A lake towing company in ports around Lake Michigan is heading up the effort. Mike Swietlik, the dispatcher for the business, said he didn’t know how his co-workers will go about getting the luxury watercraft back into the harbor. The boat worth $1 million or more was heading to St. Joseph for winter storage about 10 a.m. Sun. (11-02) when, after clearing the mouth of the harbor, it encountered a possible sandbar. The propellers dug into the sand, stalling the engines. Strong N. winds pushed the boat into even shallower water, close to a private beach and up against the rocks of the breakwall. During the night, crews pulled the boat away from the rocks and partially onto the beach to help protect the vessel against the building waves. The boat later was moved entirely onto the shoreline by heavy machines on land pulling thick nylon ropes attached to the vessel. Mammoth waves crashing into the back end of the boat helped push and lift the yacht onto the sand as it was being pulled. More costly will be replacing all of the underwater propulsion equipment such as shafts, propellers and rudders underneath the vessel that were ruined when dragged onto the beach. Read full story here.

10-28-12 BELMAR, NJ Boy Hospitalized After Jet Ski Incident in Shark River Inlet (10-28-12) An 11-y/o boy was hospitalized Sun. (11-28) after he and his father, 35, were thrown from a jet ski while navigating the Shark River Inlet. The pair, not named by police, at roughly 3 p.m. were heading towards the ocean before deciding to turn around near the Ocean Avenue bridge, Avon Police Chief Terry Mahon said. After falling off the jet ski, both climbed back aboard and traveled to the USCG station in Avon. The boy was being treated for minor bruises and contusions at Jersey Shore Univ. Med. Center in Neptune. And while residents in other nearby towns have been ordered to evacuate, Mahon said Avon officials were only recommending their residents leave for higher ground. Read full story here.

10-24-12 HICKORY, NC Man dies after falling into Lake Hickory (10-26-12) Denny Little, 75, of Hickory died after falling into Lake Hickory on Wed. afternoon (10-24). He spent about 15 min. underwater, according to people who tried to rescue him. Little was taking the cover off of a docked PWC when he fell off the back and into the lake, according to Catawba Co. Sheriff Coy Reid. Neighbors saw Little fall into the water. He submerged and resurfaced a few times before sinking underwater. A neighbor swam to the dock and tried unsuccessfully to locate him. Catawba Co. firefighters were called to the scene and pulled him from the water near the dock. Little was unconscious when he came out of the water, but he had a pulse. He was transported for treatment to Frye Regional Med. Center where he died Wed.  night. An autopsy has not been performed. Read full story here.
11-04-12 CHOCTAWHATCHEE BAY, FL Body of man who went missing after boating mishap found floating in Choctawhatchee Bay (11-05-12) The body of a man whose boat capsized in the waters near Fort Walton Beach a week ago was discovered floating in Choctawhatchee Bay Sunday. The man, Robert Shawn Gregory, went missing following a fishing trip with his nephew. The boat took on water last Mon. (10-29) around 1 a.m., and Gregory gave the only lifejacket they could find on the boat to his nephew who tried to swim for help. The nephew was found clinging to pilings under a bridge hours later. The search for Gregory has gone on for the past week. Read full story here.
11-04-12 PORTERSVILLE, PA Body of missing boater found near boat launches at Lake Arthur (11-05-12) Authorities have found the body a boater who went missing more than a week ago at a western Pennsylvania lake. Officials at Moraine State Park say the body of 52-y/o Brian Cornetti was found near the boat launches at Lake Arthur. Cornetti, of Prospect, disappeared Fri. (10-26) while raccoon hunting. Police suspect he drowned while trying to retrieve his boat when it drifted away while he was on shore. Cornetti's empty boat, carrying his life vest, was found a day after he disappeared. Read full story here.

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