Boating Accident News 11/9/2012

By Kristy Moore posted 11-09-2012 11:08 AM

11-07-12 OAHU, HI Two boats run aground off Oahu; one damaging live coral (11-07-12) The state Wed. afternoon (11-07) reported there are 2 grounded vessels off Oahu shores — one causing damage to living coral. The Dept. of Land and Natural Resources Div. of Boating and Ocean Recreation said the boat causing coral damage is a 40-ft. wooden hull sampan named Boom Boom that ran aground Wed. at about midnight on the reef near the Ahu O Laka sandbar off Kaneohe Bay. The owner of the boat, which came from Ko Olina marina, had not obtained a temporary mooring permit for the bay, and had no insurance on the boat. State officials assessed the condition of the vessel, and reported the hull is listing to one side and that it is flooded. The boat is aground on living coral in close proximity to an area used for marine tourism. The owner is working with a salvage company on a plan to remove the boat to prevent further damage to coral. The state said  the vessel was carrying about 30 gal. of diesel fuel, which will be removed. Tony Brown, owner of Boom Boom Sportfishing, said he sold the vessel about 18 months ago. On Mon. (11-05), a 36-ft. vessel ran aground on rocks just off a Waianae beach.
The state gave no description of that vessel, but said its owner reported he had no vessel insurance, and had contacted a salvage company for removal. Read full story here.
11-08-12 GUAM, U.S. TERRITORIES GFD boat rescues three people from distressed vessel (11-08-12) The Guam Fire Dept. has launched a rescue boat to assist a distressed vessel that was reported midday Thur. (11-08). The FD has rescued 3 uninjured people from the vessel, and is currently towing the 22-ft. boat back to the marina. The distressed vessel is off Haputo Point, said Lt. Phil Camacho, acting FD spokesman. The USCG has already been notified, Camacho said. Read full story here.
11-08-12 BAY CITY, MI Sailboat burns at Skipper Bud's in Bay City (11-08-12) A winterizing went horribly wrong when a dry docked sailboat was scorched in Bay City. Crews from the Bay City FD responded to the blaze at Skipper Budy's Marina shortly before 3 p.m. on Thur. (11-08).
Marcus Yano, an employee at Skipper Bud's, said a mechanic from the marina was winterizing the sailboat, a Bristol 27 named Voyager when smoke starting pouring from the engine. The mechanic was able to get out of the boat uninjured. Voyager was the only boat damaged in the fire.  The fire likely was caused by a malfunctioning fuel line. Read full story here.
11-08-12 ROGERS COUNTY, OK Fishing Boat Capsizes On Oologah Lake; Two Rescued, One Missing (11-08-12) Two men have been rescued and another is missing in the waters of Oologah Lake, according to the Rogers Co. Sheriff's Office. Three relatives were fishing on Thur. morning (11-08) when their boat capsized. A person who lives near the lake heard the men screaming and called for help. Rescue crews were dispatched about 12 p.m. "There was 2 guys on the bank. I could see their boat swamped and they were in bad shape, they were about to freeze," said neighbor Bill Newcomb. According to Hull, who is part of the investigation, Olen Brewer, 56, and his son, Damen Brewer, 30, swam to shore and were helped out of the lake. They were seen on shore receiving medical attention.
The missing man is 35-y/o Jeremy Brewer. Oklahoma Highway Patrol said the 3 men were on the lake in high winds and a large wave came over the bow, causing the boat to take on water. The boat began to sink and Olen and Damen were able to get flotation devices, but their attempts to get one to Jeremy were unsuccessful. OHP said Jeremy went under in about 25 ft. of water and never resurfaced. Just before 2 p.m., the Oklahoma Highway Patrol headed to the scene with lake patrol search boats equipped with SONAR, Rogers Co. Sheriff's Deputy Adam Hull said. Recovery efforts were suspended at dark and will resume early Fri. (11-09) morning. A medical helicopter landed on the shoreline Thur. afternoon and picked up one of the victims. Crews used ropes to take a stretcher carrying the 2nd victim up the steep cliff to a waiting ground ambulance. Both men were transported to a Tulsa area hosp. and treated for hypothermia. OHP said Olen Brewer suffered inflammation of the lungs, due to inhaling lake water, and was admitted in stable condition. Troopers reported that Damen was also treated for a shoulder injury and was released. Read full story here.
11-03-12 OCEANSIDE, CA 4 rescued after boat takes on water north of Camp Pendleton (11-03-12) Four people were rescued after their boat began taking on water just N. of Camp Pendleton on Sat. (11-03). The incident was reported at about 2:45 p.m., according to the USCG. The passengers of a small boat about ½ mi. off shore sent a distress call, saying the boat was taking on water. Oceanside lifeguards and Oceanside police also responded to the incident. When authorities arrived, they pumped the water out of the boat and towed it to Oceanside Harbor. No injuries were reported. Read full story here.
11-02-12 CHARLESTON, SC Coast Guard rescues sailor from sinking boat (11-02-12) A sailor was all alone on the Charleston harbor when his sailboat began taking on water. According to the USCG, the 42-ft. sailboat hit an unidentified object near Crab Bank and began taking on water late Fri. morning (11-02). Rescue crews rescued the uninjured man on board. Officials say crews were able to get enough of the water off the boat and planned to tow the vessel the Pierside Marina for repairs. Read full story here.

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