Boating Accident News 1/25/2013

By Kristy Moore posted 01-25-2013 11:56 AM

01-20-13 NORTHPORT, NY Duck Hunters Rescued After Boat Capsizes (01-21-13) The Northport Fire Dept. responded to the aid of 2 duck hunters whose boat capsized in the Long Island Sound off the National Grid Power Plant on Sun. (01-20) around 11:50 a.m. Water rescue team members launched the boat from the Sound View boat ramp and headed east to the capsized 14 ft. hunting boat in the LI sound. One hunter was in the water holding on to the boat and the other was sitting on top of the over turned vessel. When the Northport Fire Dept. arrived, they pulled the hunters in the rescue boat and transported them to the Sound View boat ramp where 2 Northport Fire Dept. ambulances were standing by for evaluation, treatment and transport. All operations conducted under the command of Fire Chief Chris Hughes, 1st Asst. Chief Joe Pansini and 2nd Asst Chief Brad Wine. Suffolk Police deployed helicopters to assist in the search. Read full story here.
01-21-13 NOVATO, CA Hunters Rescued When Small Boat Nearly Capsizes (01-21-13) Two occupants of a small boat were rescued unhurt off the eastern Novato bay front Mon. morning (01-21) after the craft got stuck near a duck blind, the Novato Fire District reported. At 7:21 a.m., a 911 caller from Southern Marin reported that he was in cell phone contact with his son, who was on a boat off the marshlands between Black Point and Bel Marin Keys, according to Novato Fire Division Chief Mark Heine. The area is popular with duck hunters at this time of the year. The boat roughly 12 to 15 ft. in length, was reportedly stuck near a duck blind and in danger of taking on water because of high swells on San Pablo Bay, Heine said. "They had tied off and were getting back into the boat, and the swells sort of locked them into that spot," Heine said. "They were worried about capsizing." Fire crews went to the Black Point boat launch near the base of the Petaluma Bridge. Water rescue specialists from the Marin County Urban Search and Rescue team, based at the Alto station in Strawberry, launched an inflatable boat and a Jet Ski from Black Point and headed onto the bay toward the southeast, just south of the mouth of Novato Creek. A Marin Co. Sheriff's Dept. boat also went to the area of the distress call. The 2 boaters, men around 20-y/o wearing camouflage outfits, were quickly located in an aluminum boat with an outboard motor and escorted back to Black Point about 80 minutes after the emergency call. Neither required medical attention. Read full story here.
01-20-13 VANDER, NC Man rescued after boat sinks in Cape Fear River (01-21-13) The Vander Fire Dept. rescued a man whose boat sank Sun. evening (01-20) on the Cape Fear River. Emergency services radio traffic indicated that the man was on shore in the Gray's Creek area when he called for help. He built a fire and used a flashlight to signal rescuers, according to what rescue workers said on the radio. The Fayetteville Fire Dept. and Vander Fire Dept. sent water rescue personnel, and Vander's crew found the man, the Fayetteville Fire Dept. said. Read full story here.
01-23-13 MIAMI, FL
Miami Boat Fire (01-14-13) Fire crews tried hard to keep a boat fire from spreading at a South Florida dock Wed. (1-23). The fire started on one boat docked in Downtown Miami, Wed. afternoon then quickly spread to another. At first firefighters were worried there might be passengers on the boats but it turned out no one was on board. Crews were able to stop the fire at just the 2 boats. So far they don't know the cause. Read full story here.
01-23-13 NEW ORLEANS, LA Hunter found after boat sinks in La. marshes (01-24-13) A hunter whose boat sank in marshland south of New Orleans was found by the USCG and sheriff's deputies several hours after his wife reported him missing. The CG said the 64-y/o man started a brush fire that helped authorities locate him Wed. in marshes on the edge of Lake Salvador. The man had gone hunting Tue. morning and was due back by nightfall, but his 15-ft. aluminum boat got stuck in mud and sank that afternoon. A CG helicopter crew and a boat manned by St. Charles Parish Sheriff's deputies searched for the man for roughly 6 hours before finding him. Read full story here.
01-22-13 NORTH KEY LARGO, FL Boat fires shut Card Sound Road (01-23-13) Fire damaged 2 boats at the popular Alabama Jack's bar and restaurant on Card Sound Road in North Key Largo Tue. morning (01-22). The blaze was reported at 8:24 a.m. and its billowing black smoke caused one of the 2 roads leading in and out of the Keys to be closed for more than an hour, said Deputy Becky Herrin, Monroe Co. Sheriff's Office spokeswoman. According to Herrin, fire on one boat quickly spread to the other vessel. No injuries were reported. Firefighters from Ocean Reef, Key Largo and Miami-Dade Co. battled the flames. Members of the USCG and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Comm. also responded to assist firefighters, Herrin said. No cause for the fire was given late Tue., and it's unclear who's responsible for investigating it since Alabama Jack's is right over the Monroe Co. line in Miami-Dade. Read full story here.

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