Boating Accident News 2/1/2013

By Kristy Moore posted 02-01-2013 11:49 AM

01-27-13 TAMPA, FL Bradenton man missing; boat found near Egmont Key (01-28-13) A boat belonging to a Bradenton man was located Mon. (01-28)at the mouth of Tampa Bay a day after he was reported missing by his wife. Patrick Mullins, the media specialist at Palmetto High School, was reported missing by his wife, who arrived at their home about 7 p.m. Sun., deputies said. His 16-ft. Stumpknocker was also missing. She contacted Mullins' brother, who made an unsuccessful attempt to locate him. Mullins' wife then called the Manatee Co. Sheriff's Office. Mullins' unoccupied boat was found Mon. morning near Egmont Key at the mouth of Tampa Bay. A search for Mullins continues. Anyone with information was asked to call deputies at (941) 747-3011, Ext. 2260 or 2274. Read full story here.

01-27-13 GRAND LAKE, OK
GRDA doing everything it can to find missing Joplin man (01-31-13) Crews at Grand Lake have been searching for a missing Joplin man by air and by water since his disappearance on Sun. (01-27).  But there still no sign of the man. From side and bottom sonar to help from Lakemont volunteer firefighters, the GRDA says it is pulling out all of the stops to find Michael Shane Chapman, who was on the 46,000 acre lake by himself on Sun. We just want to make a quick response because that rescue operation is really critical, as well as gathering information if we are unsuccessful in a rescue; all that information is critical and helps with the recovery. The GRDA says they will continue to search from dawn until dusk, with 4 boats and 2 helicopters.  They say they will continue the search until the missing man is found. Water temperature, water depth, there are a lot of factors that go into that as well as the large area that we are searching, so this could be several days.  This could turn into, unfortunately, a couple of weeks. According to the GRDA it sees about 5 to 8 full scale rescues such as these every year and all information is critical to the search. Chapman's case is no different. "The boat was recovered Mon. afternoon  (01-28) about 4:30, just across the lake here from where we are standing and we have reason to believe he is in the water," GRDA Communication Director Justin Alberty told us. Alberty says factors ranging from the spare lake population during the winter months and the fact that Chapman was alone on the lake are unfortunate factors in the case.  But he says the GRDA Patrol is well trained and expects a recovery in the near future. The GRDA wants to remind boaters to always tell someone where on the lake you plan to visit and for how long.  Also to try to bring a friend or at the very least a cell phone for emergencies. Read full story here.

01-27-13 PISMO, CA Port San Luis Harbor Patrol and Morro Bay Coast Guard rescue stalled sailboat off Central Coast (01-28-13) The Port San Luis Harbor Patrol and the Morro Bay USCG rescued a stalled sailboat Sun. afternoon (01-27). The CG says they received a call around 2pm that a sailboat's batteries had died and the boat had lost power. They say the man on the boat was still able to sail and there were no injuries. The rescue happened just south of the dunes in Pismo. According to the CG, Port San Luis Harbor Patrol arrived at the scene first and towed the boat to Port San Luis. The Morro Bay CG acted as an escort. Read full story here.

01-27-13 INKS LAKE, TX No injuries in Inks Lake capsize (01-28-13) There were no injuries in a boat capsize incident that occurred at Inks Lake Sun. afternoon (01-27). Officials from the Texas Parksand Wildlife Dept. (TPWD) said that one man went overboard after strong winds capsized his sailboat at around 3 p.m. on Sun. Staff from Inks Lake State Park retrieved the unidentified man, who was wearing a life vest, from the water. A game warden unit responded and towed the sailboat from the water. Read full story here.

01-29-13 KEAUHOU, HI
Man rescued after whale flips canoe off Hawaii island (01-30-13) A humpback whale flipped a one-man canoe about a quarter-mile offshore of Keauhou Tue. afternoon (01-29), the Hawaii Co. Fire Dept. said. The occupant of the canoe, a 60-y/o man, was rescued by a Captain Zodiac tour boat after he signaled for help with a paddle, firefighters aid. Witnesses at the Outrigger Kanaloa at Kona resort saw the whale flip the canoe over at about 2:16 p.m. The paddler suffered a scratch from the jagged edge of the broken canoe and did not need medical attention. Read full story here.

01-30-13 SALMON CREEK, WA Prison inmates on work detail in Washington state park save 3 boys from drowning in creek (01-31-13)  Prison inmates on a work crew dove into a freezing, fast-moving creek to save three brothers whose kayak capsized on a creek in Washington state. The boys, 8, 10 and 16, were kayaking down Salmon Creek in southwest Washington at around 12:30 p.m. on Wed. (01-30) when the craft flipped and tossed them into the water. A crew of about 10 inmates from Larch Corrections Center, in nearby Yacolt, was doing supervised maintenance work in a public park near the creek and heard the boy calling for help. "We just thought it was some kids screaming until we seen their two heads bobbing in the water with the canoe upside down," inmate Nelson Pettis said. The 3 brothers were kayaking on Salmon Creek, in southwest Washington State near the Oregon border, when their boat flipped.  "They were coming down over flooded Salmon Creek. It was raging pretty fast." Pettis said he dove into the water and let the current take him to a spot downstream from the boys where it was shallow enough to steady himself. They actually came to me right there," he stated. "Right then, the current swept me from underneath my feet and I grabbed onto the kids and got them to a little island in the middle of the river." Another crew member, Larry Bohn, 29, jumped in the water and helped Pettis bring the boys ashore. Pettis, 37, heard the boys screams and was the first to dive in after them. When fire crews arrived, Jon Fowler, 29, helped inflate their rescue boat and then helped them carry the 10-y/oto an ambulance. "They were really scared," Bohn said. "They kept telling us 'Thank you, thank you' all over again." Once ashore, the boys and 2 of the inmates were taken to a local hospital and treated for mild hypothermia. No one involved suffered any serious injuries. Boh also jumped into the creek to help bring the boys ashore. "They were really scared," he said. The inmates, who are serving time for non-violent crimes, said they were doing what anyone else in their situation would have done. You see 3 helpless kids in a river, you help. Read full story here.

01-30-13 BRADENTON, FL
No injuries reported after kayak rescue in Manatee (01-30-13) Authorities conducted a kayak rescue Wed. (01-30) in northwest Bradenton. Rescue personnel from the Manatee Co. Sheriff's Office and USCG were involved. No injuries were reported. Read full story here.

01-29-13 CHATTANOOGA, TN Body of Chattanooga girl recovered after family's canoe tips (01-29-13) Authorities have found the body of a 7-y/o girl who went missing along with her father and brother earlier this month when a canoe they were in tipped over in a creek in Polk Co. TN Wildlife Resource Agency spokesman Jeff Bishop said that the body of Helana Alley was found Tue. morning (01-30), although he did not know the specifics of where she was found. Helana, her 6-y/o brother Lazarus and their father, Nick Alley, went missing on Jan. 16 when their canoe tipped over in Conasauga Creek, which was swollen from recent rains. Three other family members swam to the shore. The body of Lazarus Alley was found last week. Crews have scaled back the search, but are continuing to look for the father. Read full story here.

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