Boating Accident News 4/2/2013

By Kristy Moore posted 04-02-2013 02:54 PM

03-30-13 STOCKBRIDGE, MA Berkshire County man dies in canoeing accident Police say an Alford man has died in a canoeing accident on the Housatonic River in Stockbridge.
Rupert Norris Vonbockbrader of Alford was in a canoe that tipped over at about 2 a.m. Sat. (03-30). At least 60 public safety officials from a number of Berkshire Co. towns, state police and environmental police participated in the search, until the 21-y/o Vonbockbrader's body was spotted not far from where he went missing just before noon. A 25-y/o man who was in the same canoe as Vonbockbrader was treated at a Pittsfield hosp. for exposure and hypothermia. Read full story here.
03-30-13 SANTA ROSA SOUND, FL Speed boat crash kills 1 near Gulf Breeze One boater was killed and four more were badly injured in a high-speed accident in the Santa Rosa Sound on Sat. afternoon (03-30), the Florida FWC said. A 42-ft. speedboat carrying 5 people was traveling at high speed in the waters S. of Shoreline Park in Gulf Breeze at about 2:30 p.m. when it hit a wave and went airborne, Lt. Douglas Berryman of the FWC said. The boat shattered into pieces upon landing. One person was killed and 4 others were taken to a hosp. for treatment. Berryman said the identities of the people and the cause of the wreck still were being investigated. “Every person involved is in pretty bad shape,” he said.  Members of the Gulf Breeze PD, the USCG and Gulf Breeze Fire and Rescue responded to the wreck. “Half of the boat is underwater, half of it is above water and we’ve got hundreds and hundreds of pieces that we’re picking up,” Berryman said. He said the amount of debris indicated the boat was traveling very fast at the time of the crash. By about 5 p.m. workers had accumulated and cordoned off 2 large piles of debris on the shore. Berryman said a dive crew had been contacted to retrieve the submerged sections of the boat. Information about the registration of the boat — said to be a cigarette or go-fast boat popularized in the 1980s television series “Miami Vice” — and its owners was unavailable Sat. evening. Bobby Thomas said he arrived at Shoreline Park just after the crash and said that witnesses described it to him. “They didn’t hit anybody. He was just going fast,” Thomas said. “They said he must have been going about 70 mph, then the boat just flipped over backwards.” Read full story here.
03-30-13 GREAT CACAPON, WV Well-known coach killed A well-known baseball coach was killed Sat. afternoon (03-30) while fishing with his son and grandson. Berkeley Springs resident Ronald "Ronnie" Clatterbuck was fishing with his son Ross and grandson Chasen on the Cacapon River when their boat capsized in the early afternoon, and the trio was swept downriver. Sheriff Vince Shambaugh said the call came in about 1:30 p.m. Great Cacapon VFD, EMS, and DNR personnel responded, along with Morgan Co. Sheriff's Dept. personnel. Shambaugh said, "They'd been fishing about 3-4 hrs, in a deep water area upstream from powerhouse dam. They didn't see they were getting too close to the dam, and the boat was swept over. Ross exited the boat and tried to stop it from going over, but it capsized. Ross and Ronnie were swept downriver. The water was deep from snow melt, and it was very cold." Shambaugh said Ross got his father out of the river about 150 yds downstream. Ross ran to a nearby cabin to call 911. Ronald Clatterbuck could not be revived and was pronounced dead a short time later. Chasen had managed to get to the opposite shoreline. That area was steep with cliffs and he had to wait for rescue. Shambaugh said Great Cacapon VFD personnel could not get to Chasen. Maryland State Police Trooper 5 responded with a helicopter and basket hoist to rescue him. Ronald Clatterbuck was known to many as a coach and longtime teacher who'd semi-retired. Read full story here.
04-01-13 CLINTON, NJ Body Found After Boat Sinks In New Jersey Reservoir A man’s body was found 70 ft. below the surface in a NW New Jersey reservoir Mon. (04-01) after a boat sank. The man appeared to have been a New York State resident who had been fishing from a canoe-like small watercraft. Earlier reports indicated that 2 people were seen swimming around 11:45 a.m. Mon. after their boat began to sink in Round Valley Reservoir in Clinton Township, about 30 mi. N of Trenton. But later reports indicated that only one person was missing. The water was 43 degrees Mon. Read full story here.
03-30-13 MUSKEGON, MI Man rescued from Muskegon Lake after boat gets pinned by ice A man in a small aluminum rowboat became trapped Sat. afternoon (03-30) when large pieces of ice near the Muskegon Channel shifted. The incident was reported around 3:40 p.m. Sat. by the man who was in the 10-ft. aluminum boat. He had been fishing where tug boats broke up the ice to make. At some point the man wasn’t able to move his row boat as the ice had shifted and pinned him in. The man was located in Muskegon Lake about 200 ft. from the channel. The man didn't require any medical treatment following the rescue. N.Muskegon FD officials responded to the area with a hovercraft and took the man to shore. Muskegon FD officials responded with a hovercraft as well, and removed the boat from the area. The man was alone at the time. USCG officials were also notified of the trapped row boat. Read full story here.
03-30-13 BEAUFORT, NC Survivor recalls sinking of fishing boat off North Carolina coast A fishing trip came to an abrupt end over the weekend, when the crew's boat sank off the Beaufort Inlet. On Mon. (04-01), one of the survivors, William Blandford of Greenville, shared his experience. "I'm 42 years old and that's the most scared I've ever been in my life," he said. Blandford's 30-ft. sport fishing boat began to sink just before 9 a.m. Sat. (03-30), at about 18 mi. offshore. Blandford believed there was a leak in the air conditioning line under his vessel. A commercial towing vessel and the USCG responded, while Blandford and his fellow crew member were  waist-deep in water.
"They tried to get the water out of the boat. But at that point, it was too far gone,” Blandford said. "It went on its side, so we hitched out of the boat, got on the CG boat." Blandford and his fellow crew member were not injured. But a Coast Guardsman fell into the water and got tangled in equipment. Crews were able to save him too. On Mon. afternoon, the boat was brought to Morehead City, where Blandford was waiting. Read full story here.
03-30-13 PATOKA LAKE, IN  2 men dead after boat capsized at fishing tournament on Patoka Lake Indiana officials are still trying to figure out what happened after a boat capsized during a fishing tournament, killing two men. It happened Sat. (03-30) on Patoka Lake. Indiana conservation officers used sonar and a dive team to recover the fishing boat that suddenly sank. Officials say 19 other boats were involved in the fishing competition. But with a lake around 8,000 acres, help was nowhere to be found. Officials believe the equipment used for the fishing trip might have weighed down the boat. Read full story here.
03-30-13 LINDEN, UT Missing man's boat found on Utah Lake A search for a fisherman who's missing and presumed drowned at Utah Lake has entered its 3rd day. Utah Co. sheriff's Sgt. Spencer Cannon says the search for the 37-y/o W.Valley City man identified as Tam Huynh turned  up nothing significant on Sun. (03-31) and was continuing Mon. (04-01). The man's boat was found empty late Sat. afternoon in shallow water in Utah Lake. Cannon says his truck was also found near the lake. The family was unable to contact him and called authorities. Searchers looked for the fisherman around the lake's Lindon harbor area by helicopter and boat until midnight Sat. and resumed the search Sun. Authorities recovered a cellphone from the man's boat and were trying to determine if it offered any clues. Read full story here.
03-30-13 SAVANNAH, GA 5 rescued from Ga river after boat flips Five people had to be rescued from a river in SE Georgia after a boat overturned in Chatham Co. Battalion Chief Brett Waters of Southside Fire and EMS says a boat hit something in the Ogeechee River on Sat. night (03-30), knocking off the motor. The boat overturned, dumping its passengers into the river. William Rodewolt, who lives along the river, said he heard screams and saw men in the water hanging on to a floating cooler. He began rescuing people in a boat. Three people were taken to a hosp. and treated for hypothermia. Fire officials say one person was in the water for almost an hour.Read full story here.
03-30-13 BRAIDWOOD, IL Man resuscitated after boat capsizes in Braidwood Firefighters resuscitated a man after a boat capsized Sat. afternoon (03-30) on Braidwood Lake. Around 4:30 p.m. the man and a woman were in a boat on the 2,500-acre cooling lake for Exelon’s nuclear plants when “the boat got swamped and they went in,” Braidwood Fire Chief Ken Heberer said. Read full story here.
03-30-13 CHARLESTON, SC Charleston Pilots, Coast Guard rescue 4 from capsized boat A Charleston Pilots boat crew rescued 4 people from a sinking boat 12 mi. off the Charleston Harbor on Sat. (03-30). The sinking boat issued a distress call about 6 p.m., and the Charleston Pilots arrived, along with a USCG helicopter, in about 1/2 hr. The 28-ft. boat had capsized and 4 people were clinging to it, with debris from the boat around them, in 55-degree water. The 4 were taken to shore by a CG search and rescue boat. They were not identified and had no explanation for the incident. The Charleston Branch Pilots Association provides pilots to container, cargo, cruise and military ships entering and leaving the Port of Charleston to protect people, the environment and the flow of commerce from shipping accidents.Read full story here.
03-30-13 POTOMAC RIVER, DC Dramatic kayak rescue caught on camera The dramatic rescue of a kayaker who crashed into a rock on the Potomac River Sat. (03-30) was caught on camera. The U.S. Park Police Helicopter Rescue Crew headed up the river to a point just S. of Violet's Look to help a kayaker who found himself stuck on a rock. “His anchor came off the hung up on the rocks and spun him out...," explained rescuer Timothy Ryan. Pilot Jeffrey Hertel added, "He was on a small rock...about 10 ft. by 4 t." Once safely attached to a hoist, the rescuer and kayaker were pulled into the chopper. Read full story here.
03-28-13 TEQUESTA, FL Man injured in traumatic personal watercraft accident in Tequesta A man was injured in a traumatic personal watercraft accident after hitting a sandbar in the ICW in Tequesta, according to Peter Allen, spokesman for Tequesta Fire Rescue. Paramedics were dispatched at approximately 4:30 p.m. Thur. (03-28). The patient will be transported St. Mary’s Med. Center via Trauma Hawk, according to authorities. The man's injuries are not expected to be life threatening, according to fire rescue crews. The cause of the accident is under investigation by the Florida FWC. Read full story here.

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