Boating Accident News 4/5/2013

By Kristy Moore posted 04-05-2013 10:06 AM

03-30-13 WAHKIAKUM COUNTY, WA Washington state dispatcher sends mom to rescue A 911 dispatcher in Washington state called on her own mother to rescue a stranded boater in the Columbia River, knowing her mother could kayak to the area faster than sending the sheriff's office patrol boat. A 45-y/o kayaker was hanging onto a log piling Sun. afternoon (03-31) after her kayak sank in swift current near a jetty, Wahkiakum Co. dispatcher Raedyn Grasseth said. 
The woman was paddling with a companion when her kayak sank. "Jetties are very dangerous," Grasseth said Mon. (04-01). "The currents around them are horrible. It sounds likes her kayak just got sucked toward the jetty and went down." Her companion left to seek help. The stranded woman "hung onto the jetty until she could climb up and get on to as much of the log piling as she could and waited," Grasseth said. Grasseth notified the sheriff's office, then realized her mother, Cindy Faubion, and other members of her family lived nearby and could get there quicker. "I knew they could be there within 5-10 minutes," Grasseth said. She called her mother, Cindy Faubion, who is a kayaker. Faubion and other family members quickly paddled to the piling in a kayak and a skiff. The rescued woman was cold and shaken but did not require medical care. The woman was visiting from out of town, had limited boating experience and wasn't familiar with the treacherous waters about 30 mi. from the mouth of the Columbia River. "She's lucky she's alive, plain and simple," Grasseth said. Read full story here.

04-04-13 NORFOLK, VA Coast Guard called to boat in distress off Willoughby The USCG was helping 4 people aboard a 48-ft. trimaran that was reported to be taking on water off Willoughby Spit. No injuries had been reported and the boat was dropping its anchor at last report to make it easier for CG crews to assist the occupants, said Lt. Michael Patterson, a CG spokesman.
Crews from Portsmouth and Little Creek were on the scene. Patterson said he did not have any additional details.  Read full story here.
04-04-13 MIAMI BEACH, FL Boat crashes ashore on Miami Beach An overturned boat has washed ashore in the area of 45th Street.
Miami Beach Police and US Coast Guard units are on the scene where the 25-foot vessel ended up after it started taking on water in the area of 49th Street, at around 5:15 Thursday afternoon. It hit the shore a short time later after travelling south for a bit.
According to Miami Beach Police, the boater reported taking on water. He was able to steer the boat ashore and hopped off it when it overturned at the shoreline. He was not injured.Read full story.
03-30-13 OREGON, IL Two rescued after boat capsizes Two people escaped serious injury Sat. morning (03-30) but their dog is presumed to have perished when the boat they were fishing from capsized in the Rock River below the Oregon Dam. Boaters Jessica Long, 26, and Nathan Long, 31, both of Streator, were pulled from the river by two men Tom Olmstrom, 42, and Brian Gavin, 41, both of DeKalb, who were canoeing on the river when the incident occurred on March 30 at around 10:20 a.m. "The boat sank and 2 people and their dog ended up in the river," said Oregon Fire Chief Don Heller. "Two people in a canoe were just paddling up the river and they happened to see them and they helped get them to shore." Heller said the boaters had already reached the shore when fire rescue personnel arrived. "They had already been picked up from the river," said Heller. "They were very lucky."
Oregon Police Chief Darin DeHaan said witnesses told police it appeared as if one of the boat's occupants got a fishing line stuck and they moved closer to the dam’s west wall to retrieve the line. The boat was facing N. and began to turn when the water rushed over it, filling it and causing it to tip over. Neither boaters were wearing lifejackets. "The individuals in the canoe paddled out to the victims and pulled them into the canoe, taking them to shore and turning them over to fire and EMS personnel," DeHaan said. "The dog has not been located so far." The flat-bottomed fishing boat remained visible Sat. and Sun. (03-31) stuck up against the dam's boil in the undertow with its motor still attached. Illinois Conservation Police Officer Steve Beltran said the Longs, who were fishing for walleye, were transported to KSB Hosp. in Dixon where they were treated and released. "The husband and wife were ejected out of the boat and then exposed to the cold water," Beltran said. The couple's 2-y/o black lab, named Danger, was still unaccounted for Tue. (04-02). Beltran said due to the turbulent water and cold temperatures it is unlikely Danger, who was wearing his collar, survived. He said no citations would be issued. "They had the proper safety equipment on the vessel," said Beltran. "Our investigation is complete." Read full story here.
04-04-13 VILANO BEACH, FL Boat stranded on Vilano Beach after struggling in rough seas The captain of a sailboat and his dog are on dry land after a battle with the weather and rough seas. Their boat remains stranded on Vilano Beach at the entrance to the St. Augustine Inlet. Barry Lee says his boat ran aground in rough surf early Thur. morning (04-04). "I couldn't turn the motor. I couldn't get enough RPMs to spin it. I started bouncing off the bottom. Waves were one after the other...started pushing me back to shore." Lee says 2 private companies looked at the possibility of towing the boat back out to sea, but said they wouldn't even try it until after sunrise.Read full story here.
04-03-13 BRANSON, MO Man falls out of boat, drowns in Lake Taneycomo A man from Kansas drowned while fishing at Lake Taneycomo in SW Missouri. The Missouri State Highway Patrol says 66-y/o Robert Rossman of Princeton, Kan., died Wed. (04-03) after he fell out of his boat. The patrol says Rossman apparently slipped before falling into the water. His son and a bystander pulled him from the water and performed CPR but he was pronounced dead. An autopsy is planned.Read full story here.
04-01-13 HONOLULU, HI Floating debris sinks boat off Kahoolawe Floating debris around Hawaii sank a ship out for a day of fishing, but because the boat was prepared for an emergency -- everyone returned to shore safely. Mon. afternoon (04-01), 2 mi. off the coast of Kahoolawe, the 43-ft. boat “Piper” ran into trouble and the captain radioed in a mayday call, "This is the Piper, south of Kahoolawe. We're sinking." Floating debris stopped the sport fishing boat and left it dead in the water, according to the boat's owner. "My captain told me they ran over a hauser line, a big rope for tugs and tying up large vessels. They're very hard to see as they're subsurface," said Jeff Kahl. That is just some of the debris boat captains have been seeing, ever since the Japanese tsunami 2 yrs. ago. While large areas of debris can be tracked, small floating pieces are not, but they can still do a lot of damage. "I do not go out in the dark on the water because of that," said Kahl. The debris wrapped around the Piper's propeller, and the strain on the boat caused it to leak. According to Kahl, the crew tied to cut away the line and pump out the water, but then the boat lost power. "At that point, I instructed them to abandon ship, to get away from it and get in the life raft," said Kahl. The boat wasn't required to have a life raft, but it did -- along with lifejackets for those on board and a VHF radio. Immediately after the mayday call went out, nearby boats came to the rescue. No one was injured in this rescue, but the boat sank in about 1,200 ft. of water. Ironically, the USCG is now watching to see if parts of the sunken ship will now turn into floating debris. Read full story here.
04-02-13 CHATTANOOGA, TN Boat fire hits marina at Harrison Bay State Park A marina fire kept several area firefighters very busy this morning at Harrison Bay State Park. Firefighters were called a little after 6:00 a.m. with reports of 2 boats on fire in the F dock area at the marina. The boats were unmoored by firefighters to prevent the fire from spreading, and the fires were extinguished. Both boats have been declared total losses, and other nearby boat slips were damaged from the fire. The first boat was a 40-ft. Silverton Cruiser, and the 2nd boat was a 1991 Bayliner Cruiser. Read full story here
03-29-13 COVE, TX Chambers County Boat crash injured identifiedThe Chambers Co. Sheriff’s Office identified the people who were hospitalized in a boat crash near Hugo Point Park in Cove Fri. (03-29). Two were identified as a 14-y/o Louisiana girl, who was taken to a hosp. by Life Flight, and her grandmother, Glenda Leccesse, who was taken to a hosp. by ambulance. The sheriff’s office did not release any word on their condition. Two other people in the same boat were treated and released, according to the sheriff’s office. Read full story here.
04-02 13 MUSTANG ISLAND, TX Boat Overturns, Leaves Two Stranded When Jeffrey Hendricks and his father-in-law, Robert Bloom, took a sail in their catamaran boat Tue. afternoon (04-02), they never expected they'd have to swim back to shore. "It added a little bit more excitement to normal catamaran sailing," said Hendricks as he picked up the pieces of the broken boat. Hendricks said the 30-y/o boat, which they had just finished repairing, overturned and started taking on water. Hendrick's wife, Grace, watched her husband and father wave for help, but there wasn't much she could do. "My dad waived, and then I called 911, and then we waited." Luckily, Hendricks and Bloom said the winds were in their favor, and blew them back to shore. Hendricks said instead of repairing the boat they'll probably just scrap it for parts. Read full story here.
03-30-13 NORTH LEBANON TOWNSHIP, PA Three fall into lake when boat capsizes in North Lebanons Three people fell from a capsized boat on Lions Lake in N. Lebanon Township on the 1st day of trout season Sat. morning (03-30). Emergency crews were dispatched to the lake at 8:41 a.m. for a rescue involving 3 people in the water. By the time firefighters arrived, all 3 were already on shore, said Toby Gettler, Ebenezer Fire Co. chief. Several fishermen, involving a volunteer firefighter, helped the 3 -- 2 adults and a child -- get to the shore of the lake. He said he did not know if they required hosp. treatment. Their names were unavailable. Gettler said he was told that 2 of them were wearing lifejackets, but a man who claimed to help them to shore said all 3 wore lifejackets. In addition to Ebenezer, Jonestown's Perseverance, Lebanon and Glenn Lebanon fire companies and First Aid and Safety Patrol responded. Read full story here.
Missouri Highway Patrol performed a water rescue in Ripley County, Missouri. It happened around 4:30 p.m. on Wed. (04-03). According to Trooper Clark Parrott, it's at the city dock in Doniphan. Two people were in the canoe when it flipped over in the water. Both people have been rescued and secured. One person was taken to a local hosp. to be checked out due to cold water temperatures. Read full story here.

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