Boating Accident News 4/19/2013

By Kristy Moore posted 04-19-2013 11:30 AM

04-18-13 AVA, MO Boat capsizes during elderly couple water rescue near Ava Thur. (04-18) was a wet and wild day for people across the Ozarks after large amounts of rain caused flooding in the area.  In Douglas Co. emergency crews had their hands full. Crews responded to a call SW of Ava near Spring Creek about an elderly couple stuck in their mobile home.  When they arrived, nearly a foot of water was inside the home. Rescuers used a boat to get to the couple, got them in lifejackets and started to take them to shore.  That's when the prop of the boat got caught up in barbed wire, and suddenly it was partially capsized in the water. "We had Douglas Co. Sheriff's Office, Highway Patrol, and several area rural FDs and Cox ambulance personnel," said Missouri Highway Patrol Sgt. Keith Jones.  "We were are able to form a line and actually manually carry out the couple that was still in the boat." The couple did make it safely to dry land. They were checked out on the scene by EMTs and went home with family.Read full story here.
04-17-13 EATON, IN Crews rescue 3 after boat wrecks in racing Mississinewa River Three people were rescued late Wed. afternoon (04-17) after their Jon boat crashed into a tree along the Mississinewa River, leaving its uninjured occupants stranded on a log in the middle of the fast-flowing water. The incident was reported just after 4:40 p.m. by the bridge along Ind. 3 just S. of Eaton-Wheeling Pike. Storm Fraze, 15, a freshman at Delta HS, said he and 2 others had just gotten into the water near Rock Tenn in Eaton and were headed downstream when their small red boat “went sideways a little bit” about 3,000 feet away. “And then we hit into a tree,” Fraze recalled, just moments after he was rescued from the water. Fraze said he was knocked into the river and was stuck under the large log for several seconds before resurfacing. When he emerged, the other 2 occupants — who never went into the water — were already standing on the log. The boat “GOOD 4 CASTIN” had sustained a sizable dent and was quickly taking on water when emergency officials arrived. The Mississinewa River — which at that point had reached flood stage, according to Cpl. Josh Kilgore with the Indiana DNR— was moving quickly, Fraze said. “We saw it coming from a distance,” he said. “But after that we couldn’t really control it with all the rapids and stuff.” Jason Rogers, director of the Delaware Co. Emergency Mgmt. Agency, said a passerby saw the 3 stranded subjects on the log and called 911. The co. initiated its water rescue team — which includes the Muncie FD’s rescue truck and boat — and also notified the DNR, which sent a boat rescue squad from Grant Co. Kilgore said the DNR and the Muncie FD — both of which have officers and firefighters who undergo water-rescue training — came up with their rescue plan on the shore Wed. before executing it in the river. The DNR boat reached the stranded subjects 1st, giving them lifejackets to wear before rescuing Fraze in their boat. The Muncie FD’s rescue boat then approached and rescued the other 2. Fraze and the 2 other stranded subjects — a juvenile male and an adult male---whose identities were not immediately available Wednesday evening, spent about an hour stranded on the log. They were not injured. Rogers and Kilgore said the 3 were lucky to have a sturdy log to stand on while rescuers worked on getting their own boats in the water. Rogers said he was relieved to see a “happy ending” Wednesday, but said the small boat probably shouldn’t have been in the river to begin with. The Eaton FD and EMS, as well as the Hamilton Township FD and Delaware Co. EMS, assisted. Read full story here.
04-18-13 UMATILLA, OR After boat capsizes, fishermen rescued from Columbia River A morning fishing trip turned scary for 2 brothers Thur. (04-18) after their boat sank in the Columbia River underneath the Interstate 82 bridge at Umatilla. Rescue crews from the Umatilla Rural Fire Protection Dist. and County Sheriff’s Office responded shortly before noon and and spotted the men — one 47, and the other 49 — floating downriver about one mi. W. past the city marina.Read full story here.
04-16-13 JACKSONVILLE, FL Man dies after boat capsizes in northeast Florida One man is dead after a boat capsized off the coast in NE Florida. The Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Dept. reports that 2 men were in a 19-ft. boat about 200 yds from shore at Little Talbot Island State Park Tue. afternoon (04-16) when their boat flipped. One man made it to shore and was taken to a nearby hosp. with minor injuries. The 2nd man's body and the boat washed ashore later. The Florida FWC is investigating. Read full story here.
04-16-13 COOS COUNTY, OR Coos Bay woman drowns when boat capsizes on Coquille River, sheriff's office says A woman drowned Tue. (04-16) after she was trapped underwater on the South Fork of the Coquille River, the Coos Co. Sheriff's Office reported. Kristle Volin, 25, of Coos Bay, an employee of the Coquille Watershed Association, was working with Jeff Jackson, 42, of Florence, an employee of the Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife. Each was using a pontoon boat to scout riverbank areas for restoration projects. A fallen tree capsized Volin's boat about 2 mi. N. of the Gaylord Bridge, and her lifejacket snagged. Sheriff's deputies and Myrtle Point Fire and Ambulance crews responded to a 911 call about 1:05 p.m. They had to deflate the boat to free Volin. A USCG helicopter took her to Bay Area Hosp. in Coos Bay, but she was DOA. Jackson was not injured. Read full story here.
04-17-13 CHARLESTON, SC Three Rescued as Boat Sinks Near North Bridge Three people are said to be okay after having to be rescued from waters near the W. Ashley side of the North Bridge on Wed. afternoon (04-17). Charleston Police say a boat with 3 occupants sank just before 3 p.m., with emergency crews then responding and pulling all 3 people from the water. The victims were examined at the scene by medical personnel and were found to be OK, according to a statement by police.Read full story here.
04-18-13 MOUNT DESERT ISLAND, ME Emergency Crews Searching Long Pond after Canoe Tips Over Authorities are currently searching Long Pond on MDI. Doug Rafferty, spokesman for the Maine Warden Service, tells us a canoe overturned on the pond Thur. (04-18).
Southwest Harbor police and MDI Police, along with fire and EMS crews, are assisting the Maine Warden Service. At this point, police will not tell us how many people were in the canoe, they also will not say whether or not anyone was able to get out of the water. Read full story here.
04-15-13 WOBURN, MA One is dead after canoe overturns The scene on the westerly bank of Horn Pond on the Woburn Parkway was one of chaos and grief Mon. night (04-15) as a 15.5-foot Pelican canoe overturned with 2 men inside. One of the canoeists managed to cling to the canoe and then swim to shore. As he walked with assistance of 2 firefighters, he got into the ambulance and was taken to the hosp. The 2nd canoeist was not so lucky. Reportedly his brother-in-law, the 2nd canoeist could not be found and a lengthy search began shortly after 6 p.m. The search was discontinued around 10 p.m. and resumed Tue. morning (04-16), when Woburn firefighters in their boat discovered the body of the 2nd victim around 9 a.m. The decedent is reportedly a Connecticut resident who was visiting family in Woburn. The name of the victim is not being released, pending an autopsy by the state Medical Examiner's office. The green Pelican 2-seater canoe was overturned and submerged with the bottom up coming into shore. The surviving canoeist, reportedly a Woburn resident, made his way to shore as Woburn Police officers David Ralli and Paul Carpenter arrived at the scene. Ralli and Carpenter jumped into the water in an attempt to rescue the 2nd canoeist. Two FD boats were immediately dispersed to start the search. The main FD boat started the search just N. of Horn Pond Island while the FD Auxiliary boat combed an area nearer to shore. Firefighters and police spent much of the evening using prongs to punch the shoreline waters in hopes of discovering the missing canoeist.
The night was 48-50 degrees; however, a wind made it feel much colder at the site. The waters of Horn Pond were quite choppy at the time, and the search was called off at approximately 10 p.m. At times, there were 15-20 FD apparatus at the site, including emergency crews from Winchester, Reading, Stoneham and State Police. Some 12-15 divers used wetsuits and entered Horn Pond in hopes of recovering the individual. Rescue crews returned to the site at about 7:30 a.m. Tue. morning and located the Connecticut man's body about 90 min. later in about 15 feet of water. Read full story here.
04-18-13 WHITFIELD COUNTY, GA Kayak accident sends one to hospital A kayaker was taken to Hamilton Med. Center Thur. afternoon (04-18) with unknown injuries after he lost control of the kayak as it was going over the waterfall at Prater’s Mill and went underwater, an official with the Whitfield Co. Sheriff’s Office said. The person’s age was unknown, but he was believed to be in his teens or 20s. His girlfriend, who was watching, called 911 and emergency officials responded. His condition at the hosp. was not immediately available. Read full story here.
04-16-13 HOMOSASSA, FL Boat exploded at Homosassa Riverside Resort and the boat operater was airlifted for treatment The Citrus Co. Sheriff's Office says a 60-y/o man was injured and had to be airlifted for treatment after his boat exploded around 3:30 p.m. Tue. (04-16).
Firefighters arrived at the Homosassa Riverside Resort off Cherokee Way and found a 20-ft. center console outboard boat engulfed in flames. The vessel was located in a canal directly behind the launch ramp. The boat operator was treated by Nature Coast EMS Medic Unit on scene, then airlifted for further medical treatment. FWC, Florida State Fire Marshal and Citrus Co. Sheriff's Office are investigating to find out the cause of the explosion. The boat is a total loss.Read full story here.
04-18-13 LIVINGSTON COUNTY, NY SUNY Geneseo Crew Team’s boat capsizes The SUNY Geneseo crew team is OK after their boat overturned on Conesus Lake Thur. morning (04-18). The Livingston Co. Sheriff’s Office responded to a call just before 7 am. The team was practicing when the water conditions worsened and they started to head back to the base at Long Point Park in Geneseo. On the way back, the rowing shell began to take on water and eventually submerged.
Coach Jason Rich handled the incident before authorities arrived. He made sure the boat was turned pside down so the team members could hold on and get out of the water as much as possible. All members were treated and released at the scene. They were in the water for about 15 min.Read full story here.

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