Boating Accident News 6/4/2013

By Kristy Moore posted 06-04-2013 01:49 PM


06-04-13 NORTH KITSAP, WA Ferry crew rescues owner of capsized fishing boat Three people were dumped into the water from a capsized fishing boat near the Kingston Marina Sat. (06-01), and the boat’s operator was rescued by a crew from a state ferry pulling into dock. No one appeared to be injured, said Michele Laboda, spokeswoman for North Kitsap Fire and Rescue. The accident occurred about 50 yds. from shore just after 8 a.m. A 14-y/o boy and his grandparents were in the water for about 10 min. The woman and boy were wearing life jackets and swam to shore. A lifeboat from the state ferry Spokane had difficulty bringing the man on board, so he held onto the boat as it towed him to shore. The capsized boat was a 21-ft. crabbing vessel. The boat’s operator told rescue crews he launched at the Port of Kingston Marina and was heading to fishing grounds when the boat began taking on water at the stern. He tried to bring the boat back to the marina, when water appeared to destabilize the vessel and it rolled over, throwing the passengers into Puget Sound. Firefighters anchored the hull to keep it from moving with the tides. Its owner, with the help of several private vessels, tried for several hours to right the vessel. Laboda said he would try again in the evening when tides were more favorable. USCG and state ecology officials responded to the accident, but there was no evidence of a fuel leak, and the capsized boat did not create a navigation hazard. The woman was examined for hypothermia but declined to be taken to a hosp. The 3 on the capsized boat were fortunate the ferry and local firefighters were close to the accident. Water temperatures are likely in the 45- to 50-degree range.Read full story here.


06-02-13 DENVER, CO Second boat accident in 2 days hospitalizes two people (06-02-13) A boat carrying 10 people capsized at Cherry Creek State Park Sun. afternoon (06-02), sending 2 people to the hosp. Cherry Creek State Park officials say a man and a 5 y/o boy were taken to the hosp. with non-life threatening injuries. Park officials said a total of 10 people were on board — 6adults and 4 small children. All tumbled into the water after a wave crashed over the bow of the boat. “When the boat took on water, it was no longer able to stay stable and afloat and in turn eventually did sink,” said Joe Brand, Assistant Park Ranger with Cherry Creek State Park. Brand said the children were wearing life vests, but the adults were not. Boater Michelle Pens said she happened to be boating nearby and immediately jumped into action. We saw people calling for help and we drove out to the boat. There were a couple of people in the water and we drove up to the people in the water and put them in our boat. Park officials say boaters helped bring all 10 passengers ashore before emergency crews arrived. While officials are glad no one was seriously hurt, they’re also still trying to figure out why the boat capsized. “It’s unknown exactly what they were doing at the time as far as maneuvering the boat. I know they were getting ready to go fishing,” said Brand. The boat that capsized was 15 ft. long. Park officials say they’re looking to see if there were too many people aboard. If that’s the case, the boat owner could be fined.


06-02-13 SONOMA, CA Sonoma man pulled from sinking boat (06-02-13)

Rescuers pulled a 63-y/o Sonoma man from a sinking boat Sun. (06-02) outside Bodega Bay. Trouble began as the man was setting an anchor on the bow and a swell came over the stern, swamping the boat, said Frank Carpenter, a boatswain's mate 3rd class with the USCG. The boat lost power, including the main radio, however the man had a backup radio and reached the CG in San Francisco. They relayed the call to Station Bodega Bay at 10:07 a.m., and a lifeboat crew found the man about 1,000 yds. beyond the Bodega Bay entrance buoy. The man, who was not identified, was in standing water, wearing a life vest, very cold but otherwise unharmed when the crew found him. The crew pulled the man from the boat and took him to shore, where he was treated by the Bodega Bay firefighters. The man had set out for the day to fish for crab in the 18-ft. pleasure craft. After bringing the man ashore, the lifeboat crew returned for the boat but didn't find it. On Sun. swells reached four to 6 ft. and winds 10 to 15 knots.


06-1-13 BAY SHORE, NY Kings Park couple rescued from sinking boat (06-02-13) A Kings Park couple and their dog were rescued by the USCG Sat. night (06-01) after their boat took on water. David Grossman just bought a 1988 pleasure cruiser from John Vidas Marina in Freeport and decided to take it out for the first time Sat. Minutes later and roughly 3 mi. from shore, Grossman says smoke started pouring out of the engine, and the boat began to take on water. Grossman, his girlfriend and their dog waited 45 min. for the CG to arrive. Min. later, the boat sank. Grossman says he will have to pay tens of thousands of dollars to get the boat out of the Great South Bay. The couple may take legal action against John Vidas Marina.


06-01-13 LAKE ALATTOONA, GA Another Boat Capsizes in Lake Allatoona Due to Big Wake (06-02-13) Two men and 3 children were on board a boat Sat. (06-01) when it capsized near the boat ramp at the Highway 41 Day Use Area near Acworth in Bartow Co. Emergency 911 dispatchers about 4:39 p.m. called GA DNR Law Enforcement Division rangers for help, according to an agency news release. A wake from another boat had came over the front of the doomed vessel, flooding it. As a result, the boat overturned. Another boater in the area immediately jumped into the water to help the men and children, 1 of whom was younger than 13. Ranger Zack Hardy and DNR Intern Walker Jardine cited the operator of the capsized boat for allowing a child younger than 13 to ride in a moving vessel without a life jacket. They also gave a properly-fitted life jacket to the operator for the young child.


06-01-13 DRUMORE, PA 2 missing after boat capsizes on Pa. river (06-02-13)

Rescue crews searched for hours for any sign of 2 men reported missing after a boat capsized on the Susquehanna River in central Pennsylvania. Authorities in Lancaster Co. said another person in the boat swam to shore after the craft overturned at about 5:45 p.m. Sat. (06-01) about a ¼ mi. S of the Peach Bottom nuclear plant. Mark Barto, deputy chief of Robert Fulton Fire Co., said the boat set out from the York Co. side of the river but started to take on water, Crews from Lancaster, Harford and Cecil counties along with a MD. state police helicopter searched both sides of the river and completed 2 grid searches of the water. The effort was suspended just before 9:30 p.m. Sat., and it was unclear whether it would resume Sun.


06-02-13 WHITNEY TOWNSHIP, MI US Coast Guard rescues 2 from boat in Saginaw Bay (06-03-13) The USCG has rescued 2 people from Saginaw Bay after the boat they were riding in began taking on water. Crews responded after Iosco Co.dispatch notified the CG that a 22-ft. boat was taking on water Sun. (06-02) near Charity Island in Saginaw Bay, about 130 miles north of Detroit. A crew from CG Station Tawas responded, and found the boaters standing atop the submerged vessel. They had been in the water about 40 min. Names of those involved weren't released.


06-02-13 ST. PETERSBURG, FL 3 people, dog rescued by Coast Guard near Long Boat Pass Inlet (06-02-13) Three people and 1 dog were rescued by USCG crew members after their boat capsized on Sun. (06-02). Crews found the capsized 13-ft. boat around 7 p.m. near the Long Boat Pass Inlet, with the 3 people clinging to the hull. All of the people including the dog were removed from the water. Their boat was towed to Coquina Key Boat Ramp.


06-01-13 JEFFERSON COUNTY, NY Three People Rescued From Boat, Operator Arrested for Boating-Under-the-Influence (06-02-13)Three people were rescued from a boat taking on water in the Black River Sat. night (06-01). And authorities say the operator was under the influence of alcohol. State Police charged the operator of the vessel with Boating-Under-the-Influence after he allegedly registered a .221 blood alcohol content. It all happened near the Dexter Dam Sat. evening when there was a report of a 16-ft. boat taking on water. According to a press release, the Jefferson Co. Special Tactics and Response Team located the disabled boat near rocks at the base of the dam. At the time, the boat was not taking on water. The STAR team attempted to tow the boat, but was forced to let it go.  A USCG boat then towed the disabled vessel to a Dexter boat ramp nearby. The names of the individuals saved are not being released at this time. Police also say the operator of the vessel became combative and verbally abusive when asked to take field sobriety tests. He eventually had to be restrained and was charged with disorderly conduct.

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06-02-13 BRIDGEPORT, CT Water searched after kayak and gear found (06-02-13) The USCG was involved in a major search Sun. morning (06-02), after reports of a possible missing person in the water. Crews searched within a 100 mi. radius, way beyond the rocks. The search started around 10:00 Sun. morning. The CG received a call from a sailing vessel, reporting a partially submerged kayak just east of Stratford Shoal Middle Ground. A 45-ft. rescue boat crew from the CG station in New Haven arrived on the scene. Crews located and searched the 17-ft. kayak. The kayak was partially submerged with fishing gear on it. This search used a lot of man power and multiple agencies were involved. The CG station from Cape Cod searched with a jay hawk rescue chopper. Bridgeport and Fairfield police assisted in the search, along with the Suffolk Co. police Dept. The CG sector of Long Island sound is investigating.


06-01-13 EIRE, PA Three Rescued after Sailboat Capsizes (06-01-13) Three people are safely on land after their sailboat capsized in the bay Sat. afternoon (06-01).

A call went out from the USCG around 1 p.m. that a 19 ft. lightning sailboat was overturned. According to the CG, the boat caught some strong wind and wasn't able to recover. The water rescue team and the Erie Fire Dept. were called to the Erie Yacht Club to assist. The boat's 3 passengers were transported safely to the dock by the CG, and luckily no injuries were reported.


06-01-13 FIRE ISLAND, NY Police rescue stranded kayaker on Fire Island (06-02-13) Suffolk Co. police have rescued a kayaker stranded on a pylon at the Old Inlet on Fire Island. Police say Timothy Miller was kayaking when he flipped the boat and lost a paddle Sat. evening (06-01). He swam to a small island and rested before trying to swim to shore but the current was too strong. He called 911 with his cell phone and held onto the pylon while he waited for help. Suffolk Co. police say Marine Bureau Officers Michael Axelson, Frank Sierra and Brendan Grogan of Marine Mike responded. A Suffolk Co. helicopter guided the boats because of the shallow water. The officers pulled the 39-y/o sportsman onto the boat where he was taken to a hosp. as a precaution.

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06-03-13 NEW HAVEN, CT Coast Guard rescues 3 from LI Sound (06-03-13) Three boaters were rescued from their disabled vessel in the Long Island Sound in New Haven Mon. morning (06-03). According to the USCG, around 7:30 a.m. 3 overdue boaters were rescued from their 8-ft. inflatable boat 5 mi. E of New Haven Harbor. The CG responded after Suffolk Co. Police were notified by Alba Serrano that her husband, son and nephew had left Rocky Point Sun. around 2 p.m. and were due back by 10 p.m., and had not yet returned. The CG then launched a 45-ft. rescue boat crew from Station New Haven, another 45-ft. rescue boat from Station Eaton's Neck, N.Y., and a Jayhawk rescue helicopter crew from Air Station Cape Cod, Mass. Additionally, officials said Suffolk Co. also launched an air and boat search crew to assist. The Jayhawk rescue crew was able to locate the boaters and safely hoist them aboard the helicopter. Officials said the boaters were taken to Tweed New Haven Airport and were being transferred to Yale-New Haven Hosp. The boaters' conditions are unknown at this time.

Ed. Note: Thanks go to our Northern Correspondent for sending us the information on this accident.


05-31-13 BABYLON, NY Cops: Boater leaps into water to escape fire (05-31-13) A boater whose vessel caught fire as it pulled away from the dock at Cedar Beach Marina in Babylon escaped injury Fri. (05-31) by jumping into the water, Suffolk Co. police said. A police spokeswoman said the boat fire started at about 10:45 a.m. and the vessel then drifted away from the marina about 40 ft. before the man jumped into the water.