Boating Accident News 7/26/2013

By Kristy Moore posted 07-26-2013 04:46 PM

07-24-13 SNEAD’S FERRY, NC Boat Engine Fire In Snead's Ferry Marina Fire crews said around 2:25 Wed. morning (06-24), they got a call to the Swan Point marina for a boat fire. Chief Ricky Hardison of Turkey Creek VFD said his crew arrived to find an engine fire on board The Bandit, a 56-ft. yacht. Hardison said the yacht was nearly halfway on its route from Hollywood, Florida to owners in New York. Crews said the fire started as an electrical fire in the yacht's engine, and stayed mostly contained to that area of the watercraft. Hardison said it took nearly an hour to get the fire out and make sure no other hot spots would ignite. No injuries were reported and Chief Hardison said the boat did not sustain significant damage. Read full story here.
07-24-13 SEATTLE, WA No injuries in South Lake Union boat fire Investigators say an electrical problem is to blame for a Wed. night (07-24) fire aboard a boat moored at S. Lake Union. Fire boats rushed to the 37-ft. vessel just after 7:15 p.m. and found the boat in flames.
Seattle fire crews were able to quickly extinguish the blaze, but say if the flames had reached the covered moorage above the boat, the entire block of boats would have been in danger. Seattle fire officials say the fire was likely caused by an electrical problem in the boat's engine compartment. No one was hurt in the fire, and it's unclear what it will cost to repair the damaged boat. Read full story here.
07-23-13 PUT-IN-BAY, OH Bucyrus man out of hospital after boat capsizes in rough Erie waters A Bucyrus man has been released from Mercy St. Vincent Med. Center after a boat capsized Tue. night (07-23) at Put-In-Bay. CPO Gabriel Settel, with the USCG's Detroit unit, said a 21-ft. Sea Ray capsized just N. of Gibraltar Island, leaving its 7 passengers stranded, at about 8:55 p.m. Kevin Brown, of Bucyrus, reportedly suffered cardiac problems and was flown by LifeFlight to the Toledo hosp. Officials confirmed Brown was released Wed. afternoon (07-24).
The rest of the passengers were treated at the scene. “Once we received word of the incident, we sent local agencies from Marblehead, but before they got on scene, personnel from the Put-In-Bay water taxi service and a good Samaritan recovered all 7 and brought them back to shore,” Settel said. “I’m not sure how long they were in the water or how far out their boat had traveled. There is a posting on each boat that shows the weight limit and the number of people you can safely have on board. They did have the correct number of people for the size of their boat, which is 7, but they exceeded the weight limit, which was 180 lbs. per person. If you have bigger people like that and they all go to one side of the boat, something like this happening is not unusual at all.” Jeffrey Smith, owner of the capsized boat, told Put-In-Bay police that they had left the docks at Put-In-Bay to head back home, but made it only as far as the Gibraltar Island area when the waves started to come over the bow. The vessel quickly took on water from the rough waves. Smith was able to radio for assistance before the boat capsized, and all the passengers were wearing lifejackets. Settel said. “I was not there, so this is only speculation, but usually in these types of situations, when you’re over the weight limit and the boat hits a wave, it will just tip over.” Settel said the Coast Guard is not investigating further. A commercial towing company righted and de-watered the 21-ft. bowrider before towing it back to Schrock’s Marine in Marblehead. The Put-In-Bay EMS assisted at the scene. Read full story here.

07-21-13 KING SALMON, AK Several People Hurt when Plane and Boat Collide in Alaska A small air taxi with 7 people on board collided with a fishing boat as the plane was taking off from an Alaska river, state troopers said Mon. (07-22). The NTSB is investigating the collision involving a Cessna 207 operated by Katmai Air on Sun. (07-21) that left 3 people with minor injuries. NTSB investigator Clint Johnson said it's surprising the outcome wasn't any worse. "We're absolutely amazed, to be honest with you," he said. The pilot of the Cessna floatplane, Raymond "Sonny" Petersen, said he keeps thinking about what could've been done differently. Petersen, 62, is the owner of Katmai Air. "I'm not 100% sure what happened other than the fact that obviously a boat and an airplane collided," he said. "I never saw the boat and apparently he never saw me. If you do, you avoid it." The driver of the boat was 29-y/o Ted Gibson of Wisconsin. The collision left the plane upside down and partially submerged in the Naknek River about 285 miles SW of Anchorage. The 3 people in the boat were thrown into the water. Petersen said everyone in the plane released their seatbelts and made it out of the aircraft as he helped pull them out at the door. People in other fishing boats saw the accident and went to help. The passengers initially stood on the wings of the Cessna before getting into Good Samaritan boats. Also helpful, workers from a nearby clinic were waiting to head out to Brooks Camp, so they were able to check the passengers right away. Two of the Cessna passengers and one of the boat passengers were taken to a nearby clinic. It appears that all their injuries were minor. A collision between a plane and a boat has happened before, but it's very rare, according to Johnson. Read full story here.
07-24-13 GOLDEN MEADOW, LA Golden Meadow man dies after boat hits piling The Louisiana Dept. of Wildlife and Fisheries says a 29-y/o Golden Meadow man died of head trauma after his boat hit a piling on Bayou Lafourche. Enforcement division spokesman Adam Einck says Richard Griffin Jr. was alone in the 16-ft. vessel when the accident occurred about 5:15 a.m. Wed. (07-24) about ½ mi. S. of Golden Meadow. Griffin was taken to Lady of the Sea Hosp. in Galliano and then to Univ. Hosp. in New Orleans, where he was pronounced dead. The dept. is investigating the accident.Read full story here
07-22-13 VALDEZ, AK Boat explosion in Valdez Harbor injures family of five A family of 5 from Fairbanks was injured after their boat caught fire at a fuel dock in Valdez's small boat harbor, the USCG said Mon. (07-22). Two adults and 3 children were onboard the 28-ft. recreational vessel Falcon when it caught fire in an "explosive event" at the Crowley fuel dock around 11:30 a.m., according to Lt. Allie Ferko, CG spokeswoman. The family had just finished fueling the boat and were preparing to leave. One adult and one child received burns from the fire. The others had cuts from glass windows blown out by the explosion. Some were in the boat's cabin and escaped through the broken windows. All were taken to Providence Alaska Med. Center in Anchorage. Their conditions weren't available late Mon. A dog onboard the boat was unharmed. Responders included the CG, Valdez FD and Valdez Harbormaster's Office. The Valdez FD extinguished the fire within 45 min. The cause of the fire is being investigated. Read full story here.
07-24-13 PORT LUDLOW, WA Drifting pleasure boat towed to safety A yacht that lost power and came close to running aground on rocks in Mats Mats Bay Wed. morning (07-24) has been towed to Port Ludlow with all aboard safe. An electrical short caused the Malibu, a 100-ft. yacht, to lose power as it was sailing N. at around 9:30 a.m., Captain Steve Gordon said. John Jacobi, the head of the corporation that owns the boat, got into a skiff and towed the boat away from the rocks it was drifting toward. Vessel Assist from Port Hadlock towed the boat to shore. A total of 8 people were on board, which included 2 crew members.Read full story here.
07-22-13 SRATFORD, CT Disabled boat towed to shore A 26-ft. boat had to be towed into shore Mon. evening (07-22) after a fire in its engine compartment. Firefighters were only able to get within 6 ft. because of the large waves, Deputy Chief Jonathan Gottfried said, but tossed the occupants a tow rope and brought them in to the Birdseye boat ramp. The boat operator was able to put the fire out with the on-board extinguisher. None of the 5 people on board, 4 of them children, were injured. Read full story here.
07-23-13 SWANSBORO, NC Coast Guard assists 5 from boat taking on water near Bogue Inlet, NC Five people were rescued from a 22-ft. disabled boat that was taking on water Tue. (07-23) at the entrance to Bogue Inlet near Swansboro, N.C. The boat owner called USCG Sector North Carolina watchstanders around 2:00 p.m. Tue. to report the boat was taking on water. CG crews were dispatched aboard at 24-ft. Special Purpose Craft – Shallow Water and a 45-ft. Response Boat and arrived approximately 15 min. later. The boat was pulled to safe water and the people were transferred from the disabled boat before crews began dewatering efforts. The CG removed about 150 gal. of water before towing the boat to Cedar Point Wildlife Ramp in Cedar Point, N.C. There were no reports of injuries.Read full story here.
07-22-13 MIAMI, FL Boat catches fire near Key Biscayne A boat fire near Key Biscayne kept rescue crews on their toes on Mon. (07-22). The boat blaze took place about 2 mi. off the Rickenbacker Causeway. Passengers on board jumped into the water after the 38-ft. vessel burst into flames. A nearby boat came to the rescue, plucking them to safety. Miami-Dade Fire Rescue and the USCG later responded to the scene of the fire. A CG boat transported the victims to Matheson Hammock Park. Read full story here.
07-23-13 PAYNESVILLE, MN Boy, 5, hurt when boat hits kayak on Koronis A 5-y/o boy from Edina was injuried Tue. (07-23) in a watercraft crash on Lake Koronis in Paynesville Township. According to the Stearns Co. sheriff, 66-y/o Donald Manion of Coon Rapids was driving a 1966 Arkan Runabout around 10:16 a.m. on the lake. He was pulling a water skier when the boat crashed into a kayak that had 2 boys on board. The 5-y/o boy was in the kayak and was transported to the Paynesville Area Hosp. His injuries were not considered life-threatening. The other boy in the kayak was not injured. The Paynesville PD and Paynesville Ambulance Service were also dispatched. Stearns Co. Sheriff’s Office is investigating. Read full story here.
07-19-13 LONG ISLAND SOUND BETW. NY & CT Driver and Passenger of Speed Boat Ejected, Runaway Vessel Stopped on Long Island Sound After 2 men aboard a speed boat were ejected off the vessel on Long Island Sound, the boat continued to run at high speed.  Around 7:45 p.m. on Fri. evening (07-19), 2 men aboard a 24-ft. Super Boat were ejected from it after driving through choppy waters at about 50 mph on Long Island Sound. The men were left bobbling in the waves while the high-performance racing vessel continued to drive off without anyone on board. The vessel continued to run between Connecticut and New York several min. after the men were ejected, when a call came in notifying authorities. The Greenwich, CT police received a call indicating there was a vessel speeding recklessly at a high rate. Oyster Bay, NY Constables headed en route to the scene and crew from the Huntington Harbor Master’s office, the Suffolk Co. PD and the Greenwich Marine Patrol were also following the situation closely. The USCG was also involved in the collaborative effort to stop the speeding boat. The 2 men bobbling in the water without life vests were rescued at about 8:10 p.m. with no serious injuries reported. As emergency crews caught up with the speed boat, lifejackets tied with lines were thrown towards the Super Boat in an attempt to tangle and stop its propellers. The attempt slowed the boat down to 20 mph as a team from Greenwich boarded the vessel and brought it to a stop.
The vessel was brought back to Roosevelt Park Marina in Oyster Bay. Fortunately, the passengers were safely rescued and the Super Boat did not cause harm to anyone even with its ability to run in speeds of more than 70 mph. The Super Boat also had a full tank of gas. No information has been made available at this time as to whether the 2 men will be charged for any violations. Read full story here.
07-22-13 MILFORD, CT 2 rescued after boat capsizes off coast of Milford USCG officials say 2 boaters are safe after their small sailboat capsized off the coast of Milford Mon. (07-22). Authorities say police boats and a kayaker helped rescue the men, who were wearing life- jackets. Witnesses say rescue crews were able to flip the catamaran back over and tow it to shore. Read full story here.
07-21-13 HADLEY, MA Springfield man, injured in Connecticut River Jet Ski accident in Hadley, charged with reckless operation A 21-y/o Springfield man who was injured Sun. (07-21) in a Jet Ski accident on the Connecticut River near Mitch’s Marina was charged with negligent operation of a boat, according to a spokeswoman with the Massachusetts Environmental Police
Niko Rodriguez had to be pulled from the river by another boater and brought to shore following the 2 p.m. accident, said spokeswoman Amy Mahler. Rodriguez was taken by ambulance to Baystate Med. Center in Springfield. His injuries were not considered life-threatening. Mahler said Rodriguez was operating recklessly before losing control and injuring himself on his own Jet Ski. Marina employee Phil Brocklesby said the people who rescued Rodriguez told him that they saw him become airborne as he jumped waves. He apparently came down and struck his head on the watercraft and was knocked unconscious.Read full story here.

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