Boating Accident News 9/20/2013

By Kristy Moore posted 09-20-2013 09:59 AM


09-12-13 DETROIT, MI US Coast Guard rescues 6 people from capsized sailboat in Detroit River during stormy weather The USCG has rescued 6 people from the Detroit River after their 20-ft. sailboat capsized during stormy weather. Rescuers responded Thur. (09-12) after a search-and-rescue controller at CG Sector Detroit was contacted on VHF-FM marine radio about a capsized sailboat. The rescue crew arrived on the scene near the Detroit Yacht Club, finding 4 people clinging to the sides of the sailboat and 2 people underneath. The crew brought all 6 aboard the rescue boat and took them to the Detroit Yacht Club. No injuries were reported. Read full story here. 

09-15-13 FORT MYERS, FL Sailboat carrying two boys capsizes in Caloosahatchee Rough weather caused problems for boaters throughout SW Florida on Sat. (09-14). One fast-moving storm over Fort Myers quickly turned a day on the water into a rescue situation. A tiny sailboat capsized, leaving 2 boys in open water. The witness said they saw the sailers' struggle and called for help. "We noticed that there was something definitely wrong out there and then we looked further and then we saw the boat was upside down," said witness Walter Crappse. "Kept waving, yelling help, so definitely knew something was wrong," said Janet Crappse. Two young sailors had to be rescued after shifting winds and rough water flipped their boat on the Caloosahatchee. "We saw that there was a storm coming up out of the south, however, from radar and earlier research this morning, looked like it was only moving about 10 mph but it definitely picked up some speed as it got closer to the open water way," said instructor, Jordan MacMorris. The boys were part of a 6 person,3  boat group from the Edison sailing center. MacMorris says small watercraft like these dinghies can quickly succumb to the elements. They don't have a lot of weight to the bottom on them, so once you get more added wright to the top it's very tough keeping them upright. Luckily we got everybody in safe, had to abandon the boat but we'll be back for it. Lee Co. first responders quickly helped them to shore. The boys were all wearing life-jackets and no one was injured. Read full story here. 

09-13-13 SAN JUAN ISLANDS, WA Ferry collides with sailboat in San Juans; sailboat sinks Washington state ferry Hyak collided with a 27-ft. sailboat in the waters between Shaw and Orcas islands Fri. afternoon (09-13) and the sailboat sank, the USCG said. The operator of the sailboat was picked up by another recreational sailboat before the CG got to the scene, a CG spokesman said. The sailboat sank in about 250 ft. of water. There were no reports of injuries. Marta Coursey, a spokeswoman for Washington State Ferries stated that all passengers from both vessels were safe. The incident occurred around 1 p.m. and Coursey said there were reports of heavy fog in the area. It was unclear at this point what exactly happened. Coursey said the ferry’s captain and crew would be subject to drug testing. Read full story here. 

09-14-13 LAUGHLIN, NV Girl killed, dad hurt in watercraft crash An 11-y/o girl from CA died and her father was critically injured over the weekend when a family outing on the Colorado River turned into a tragic collision between 2 personal watercraft. Personnel from Nevada Dept. of Wildlife, the Bullhead City Police Dept. and the Bullhead City Fire Dept. responded late Sat. afternoon (09-14) after receiving reports of  2 personal watercraft colliding. “Our agency took the report because it happened on the Nevada side,” said Nick Duhu, spokesperson for NDOW, discussing the wreck that took place near the Emerald River Golf Course in Laughlin. “The game warden who responded stated in his report that there was a lead Jet Ski, where 11-y/o Samantha Nguyen was a passenger, and another Jet Ski following them. That one was driven by a 13-y/o male subject. For an unknown reason the first watercraft stopped abruptly and the 2nd vessel was unable to avoid a rear-end collision, it went up and over the 2 victims causing fatal injuries to the female and critical injuries to the 44-y/o driver of the lead watercraft. All the individuals involved were related to each other. The driver was identified as Vince Nguyen, Samantha’s father. The family is from Costa Mesa, Calif. The young girl was in and out of consciousness right after the initial impact and medical staff began performing CPR on her while she was transported to Western Arizona Regional Med. Center.  “Vince Nguyen was airlifted to Sunrise Hosp. in Las Vegas, where he was listed in critical condition Mon. The boy on the 2nd watercraft suffered minor bumps and bruises after being ejected during the accident. Duhu took the moment to stress the importance to those taking to the local waterways in boats and personal watercraft to take a boating safety class and to read up on state laws, rules and regulations. As for the juvenile driver, no citations or criminal charges have been issued. The investigator does not believe speed was an issue at this point. It was just a terrible accident. The NDOW website offers information pertaining to rules and regulations for operating either a boat or personal watercraft. It is noted that the age limit for operating a jet ski in Nevada is at least 1-y/o. Individuals who are 12 years of age can operate the watercraft with someone onboard who is 18-y/o or older. In Arizona, no one under the age of 12 may operate a motor powered vessel over 8 horsepower unless there is an emergency or another person at least 18 years of age is on board. Read full story here. 

09-18-13 ROGERSVILLE, TN Fishermen rescued after boat capsizes near Rogersville dam One of the best fishing spots in Hawkins Co. is also one of the most dangerous, as 2fishermen found out Wed. morning (09-18) when their boat capsized at a Holston River dam near Rogersville. Around 9:16 Wed. morning, Hawkins Co. rescuers were called to the weir-style dam near the TN Valley Authority power plant property in Rogersville, where 2 fishermen were stranded on the hull of their capsized boat. Hawkins Co. Emergency Mgmt. Agency Assistant Director Jamie Miller, who was among the first on the scene, said the boat apparently got too close to the spillway and was caught in the undertow. Read full story here. 

09-15-13 ST. PETERSBURG, FL 
Storm capsized boat, left families stranded around Tampa Bay The waves kicked up high and quick Sun. (09-15), sloshing over the side of the boat Brittany Whitten had taken into Tampa Bay for her first fishing trip. Some of the boat's 6 passengers fought the water with 5-gallon buckets, but it came up too quickly, capsizing their vessel near Weedon Island. "There was just so much water inside the front of the boat, it just made it sink," Whitten, 23, of Lakeland said. "It was just too heavy." Whitten and her boyfriend, Jared Lyons, along with Lyons' mother, brother and 2 family friends, clung to the side of the boat. Their life vests were locked in a submerged part of the vessel. They had seen the storm approaching and made for land, but ran out of time.
 One friend, a former lifeguard, took off for help almost as soon as they hit the water. Lyons and Whitten started swimming for help about 30 min. later. They were picked up by boaters, and rescuers pulled the rest of their group up as well. No one was seriously hurt. The incident was one of several boating mishaps during stormy weather Sun. "This bay can be very deceiving," Tampa Fire Rescue District Chief Troy Basham said. "People think that because it's a small bay, it can't be life threatening, but we've lost a lot of people in the 30 yrs. that I've been here." Basham said the capsized boat was one of 3 calls Tampa Fire Rescue received in the span of an hr. Sun. Another boat lost power and was pushed onto the Gandy Causeway. A Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Comm. boat was stranded trying to rescue that vessel, Basham said. Basham said boaters should do as much as possible to track weather in real time while on the water. If they're caught off guard by a storm, putting on a life jacket and making for safe harbor are key. Another dramatic rescue happened Sun. night when a family of 7 was stranded just off Fort De Soto. "Yesterday was pretty hairy," park supervisor Jim Wilson said Mon. When the family radioed in that their 31-ft. craft was about to run aground, Wilson took his truck to the beach. The vessel came to rest on a sandbar, and Wilson headed for the water. They were just very lucky because where they beached themselves; the land was between them and the water. Wilson swam out to bring the family in, and no one was seriously injured. It took just a few minutes, but Wilson said it passed slowly. Read full story here. 

09-18-13 TAMPA, FL Tug boat rescues men from East Bay after canoe overturns Two men were rescued by a tug boat crew after their canoe overturned the East Bay Wed. (09-18) Tampa Fire Rescue said. Fire Rescue received a call at 3:12 p.m. of 2 people in the water after a canoe flipped over. When crews arrived at the scene off the 22nd St. Causeway, Robert Beery, 52, was seen about 500 ft. from shore near the middle of the shipping channel. Adam Raicies, 26, meanwhile, had tried to swim to shore but ended up holding to large chains securing a barge approximately 50 ft. from shore. The Mary L, a passing tug boat, was alerted of the emergency and stopped to render assistance. The boat first rescued Beery from the water, and then threw a life preserver to Raicies and bringing him aboard the vessel. The crew of the tug then brought both men to the shrimp docks located at 2531 Causeway Blvd. Both men were treated on scene by paramedics with Tampa Fire Rescue. Tampa Fire Rescue was assisted by the Tampa Police Dept., the Hillsborough Co. Sherriff’s Office and the Port Tampa Authority. Read full story here. 

09-18-13 PORTLAND, OR 3 rescued from sinking Portland boat The USCG rescued 3 people from a sinking boat near Jantzen Beach Wed. night (09-18). CG Sector Columbia River received a distress call around 4:30 p.m. when a 43-ft. vessel began taking on water. Two 25-ft. Response Boat-Small crews from Marine Safety and Security Team Seattle were conducting training in the area and diverted to the scene. Crewmembers were able to rescue all 3 people from the boat. It eventually sank in approximately 8ft. of water near North Portland Harbor. All 3 were taken to Jantzen Beach. No medical attention was needed. The boat has about 200 gallons of fuel on-board. The CG reports that the fuel so far has not leaked into the harbor. Read full story here. 

09-17-13 LAKE MARIE, IL Antioch man dies after slipping from boat An Antioch man died after he slipped into the water while checking the engine of his boat on Lake Marie in the Chain O' Lakes. It took rescue crews nearly 5 hrs. to find the body of David Azooz, 47, Tues. night (09-17), according to Antioch Deputy Fire Chief Chris Lienhardt. Read full story here. 

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