Boating Accident News 9/24/2013

By Kristy Moore posted 09-24-2013 10:45 AM

09-23-13 BARNEGAT LIGHT, NJ 2 boaters rescued after boat capsizes off south NJ Two men were rescued after their boat capsized in rough seas off southern New Jersey. USCG officials say the men made a mayday call around 8 a.m. Mon. (09-23) from their 31-ft. Fountain powerboat. At the time, they were in waters about 8 miles E. of Barnegat Light. Two 47-ft. motor life boat crews from CG Station Barnegat Light and an MH-65 Dolphin helicopter crew from Air Station Atlantic City were deployed to the scene. One of the boats pulled one of the men to safety, while crew members from the Jamaica II, a Brielle-based party fishing boat, rescued the other boater. Their names were not released. Both rescued boaters were "wet and cold," but neither man was injured. The capsized boat's captain reported that it was hit by a series of waves, and the bilge pump was unable to keep up with the flooding. "Having and knowing how to properly use a radio saved their lives," said Petty Officer 2nd Class Andrew Groth, a Barnegat Light crewmember. "Had they not been able to send out their position, their lack of lifejackets could have been devastating. Always wear a lifejacket, and have life rings readily available for worst case scenarios." One of the  CG boats became disabled during the rescue after a small fire broke out on board.Read full story here.
09-19-13 ATKINSON COUNTY, GA Officials release name of teen who drowned in Atkinson Co. pond Atkinson Co. Sheriff David Moore has confirmed the drowning of an Atkinson Co. High School teen. It happened Thur. evening (09-19) around 7 p.m. Officials say Gerardo Contreras, 16, was with another teen on a small boat in a private farm pond off of Coochee Creek Road when the boat overturned. Contreras did not resurface and died. The surviving teen was able to swim to shore and run to a house where he was able to call EMS around 7:15 p.m. Atkinson Co. officials later called in search teams to the scene. Atkinson Co. Fire, Jeff Davis Fire, DNR, Coffee Co. FD and the Coroner responded.
Search and rescue teams located and recovered the body just before 2 a.m. Read full story here.
09-21-13 SHINNECOCK INLET, NY Coast Guard Rescues Boat Adrift 43 Miles Off Shinnecock Inlet The USCG rescued passengers of a disabled pleasure craft that was adrift 43-mi. SE of the Shinnecock Inlet on Sat. night (09-21). Coordinating with the First CG District in Boston, CG Sector Long Island Sound sent out an 87-ft. patrol boat from Montauk to tow the vessel to safety as weather and sea conditions were deteriorating. Just after 2 p.m. CG Sector Long Island Sound received a distress call from a passenger aboard the 31-ft. pleasure craft, Triena, of Shinnecock, stating the vessel had experienced an engine casualty and was adrift. The CG Ridley arrived on scene at dusk and crew members helped the Triena's passengers on board before towing. The crew had difficulty maneuvering its boat when towing the Triena, so a 47-ft. motor life boat from CG Station Montauk towed it in early Sun. morning (09-22). The boat was moored at the Montauk Marine Basin shortly after 6 a.m. According to Master Chief Petty Officer Andrea Martynowski, the officer in charge of the Ridley, the rescue was well done. “I could not be more proud of the actions of my crew—it was a long night at sea, but this is what we do and why we are in the Coast Guard,” he said. “I am glad to have been able to assist this disabled vessel and her crew before darkness set in and the sea conditions built overnight.” Read full story here.
09-21-13 GROSSE POINTE, MI 4 rescued from sinking boat on Lake St Clair The USCG rescued 3 adults and a child this weekend from a sinking boat in Lake St. Clair. Crews responded Sat. (09-21) to the waters off Grosse Pointe Shores, near the Grosse Pointe YC, after a report that a 23-ft. boat was taking on water. A rescue boat crew from CG Station St. Clair Shores responded, taking the 4 people aboard and towing away the other boat. No one was injured. Read full story here.
09-22-13 BUCKEYE LAKE, OH Buckeye Lake Boat Crash Injures 3 Three people were injured Sun. evening (09-22) in a collision between 2 boats on Buckeye Lake. Rescue crews were sent to Buckeye Lake, near Avondale Road, shortly after 6:30 p.m. Sun. (09-22) on a report of a collision between 2 boats. According to the Ohio DNR, crews were able to get everyone out of the water.
One person was taken by helicopter to Ohio State's Wexner Med. Center. Two people were taken to Licking Memorial Hosp. The extent of injuries was not released. DNR is investigating the crash. Read full story here.
09-21-13 CAMBRIDGE, MD Race boat capsizes, 10 people in the water in Cambridge, Md. Several people found themselves in the water Sat. afternoon (09-21-13) when a 42-ft. boat capsized during the Choptank Heritage Skipjack Race near Route 50 in Cambridge, Md. Ten people fell into the water when the " Ida May," built in 1906, overturned. All were rescued, and one person was taken to the hosp. in the Dorchester with unknown injuries. The race takes place every year. Read full story here.
09-16-13 GULFSTREAM BETWEEN BAHAMAS AND FLORIDA Amazing survival at sea: 2 men cling to capsized boat for more than a week Two men are in a South Florida hospital Mon. (09-16) after surviving an ordeal on the open sea. They were stranded atop their capsized boat, with no food or water, for more than a week. The unidentified men were adrift and running out of time when a cargo ship spotted them clinging to their overturned boat, and called for help. Lt. Jarod Glover, a USCG pilot, said, "When we first saw them we had no idea how long they'd been out there. It wasn't until moments later when we'd gotten word that they'd in fact been out there for 8 days in that situation." A CG rescue team found the Bahamian boaters stranded in the middle of the Gulf Stream, approximately 30 mi. offshore, between Florida and the Bahamas. Once there, the CG lowered rescue swimmer Kyle Stallings. "I swam over, and you could see they were excited," Stallings said. "They definitely were on their last ray of hope and they were ready to get off that boat." He says they were dehydrated and were suffering from hypothermia: "You could see it in their skin, you could see it in their eyes, you could see it in their hands.” Using a rescue basket, the crew hoisted the 2 survivors up to the chopper flying overhead. Stalling said, "One of the gentlemen was saying his prayers, crying." CG Lt. Mark Aguilar said, "I actually leaned over my shoulder and got one of those acknowledging head nods that everybody knows, of 'Thank you, I appreciate your help'." Read full story here.
09-21-13 FARIBAULT, MN Boat on French Lake west of Faribault goes up in flames Members of the Kilkenny Fire and Rescue and the Rice Co. Water Patrol work to put out a fire on an 18-ft. Larson boat on the W. side of French Lake at about 5:45 p.m. on Saturday. The boat, which was completely engulfed, was eventually brought in closer to shore and extinguished. The fire started when four adults and two children were backing up from the dock after re-fueling and heard a loud explosion. Rice County Sheriff Sgt. Nathan Budin said the fire likely started due to fumes building up inside the boat’s inboard motor. No one was injured during the incident.Read full story here.
09-18-13 COLUMBIA RIVER, OR 3 people rescued by Coast Guard off sinking boat near North Portland Three people were rescued off a sinking 43-ft. boat in the Columbia River near N.Portland Wed. (09-18), according to the USCG. A distress call from the vessel came about 4:30 p.m. near Hayden Island. The caller reported the boat was taking on water. The trio were rescued by crews on 2 boats training in the area and taken to Jantzen Beach. No one was injured and the boat sank in 8 ft. of water. The CG said the boat had about 200 gal. of fuel, but there was no evidence of it leaking into the water. The identities of the people involved and what caused the boat to sink have not been released.Read full story here.
09-14-13 GIBRALTAR, MI Nobody seriously injured after boat explodes at gas dock One person sustained minor injuries from flying debris when a boat exploded at about 3:15 p.m. Sat. (09-14) at the Gibraltar Boat Yard gas dock. According to a police report, a Woodhaven resident fueled a 22-ft. Skiff Craft at the gas dock. When the man pushed off from the dock and turned on the ignition, the boat exploded. “There were pieces everywhere,” Fire Chief James VanCalbergh said. A woman on the boat sustained minor injuries but was treated at the scene. Police said the flames were about 10 ft. tall and VanCalbergh said the entire boat was engulfed. He said the FD put out the fire and the boat sank from the weight of the water. VanCalbergh said, because the boat sank, any evidence to determine the cause was disturbed. He said it is being labeled as a mechanical malfunction.
VanCalbergh said nothing else was damaged.  Read full story here.
09-17-13 SEATTLE, WA Good Samaritans help three in overturned boat The quick thinking of some passersby and the fast response of emergency workers helped save 3 people after their fishing boat overturned Tue. evening (09-17) in Lake Union. Seattle PD harbor officers responded to a report of an overturned, 14-ft. fishing boat around 7 p.m. in the waters at S. Lake Union. When officers arrived, they spotted 3 people in the water. Officers and 2 fishing boats helped locate everyone and the 3 were rescued. No injuries were reported, and the overturned boat was turned right-side up. It is unknown what caused the boat to flip. Read full story here.
09-23-13 BUFFALO, MN Man rescued after boat capsizes in Wright Co. A man whose boat capsized on a Wright Co. lake Mon. morning was rescued and is being treated for exposure. The man, identified by the sheriff's office as a 61-y/o from Albertville, was on Pelican Lake in Buffalo Township when his boat capsized. The man told sheriff's officials that the wake of a passing boat caused his boat to tip just before 6:30 a.m. A boater who was nearby on the lake spotted the man clinging to the top of his overturned boat and rescued him. The 61-y/o man was already on shore by the time officials arrived to assist. Sheriff's deputies say the man whose boat overturned was not wearing a lifejacket. He is being treated at an area hosp. for exposure. Read full story here.
09-23-13 KEY WEST, FL Boaters rescued from capsized boat off Florida Keys Two boaters were rescued Mon. afternoon (09-23) in waters off Key West. The USCG received a report from 2 men aboard the Blue Reaction that their vessel was taking on water. Search units were immediately dispatched to the area near Marquesas. The boat crew arrived to find the 2 men in the water, but afloat thanks to their lifejackets. "Wearing your life jacket and equipping your vessel with a VHF radio and an EPIRB greatly improves your chances for survival during emergencies on the water," said Lt. Ricky Brooks, command duty officer at CG Sector Key West. There were no reports of injuries.
It’s unclear why the boat capsized. Commercial salvage was contacted to recover the overturned vessel.Read full story here.
09-13-13 LUCILE, ID Fisherman thrown from boat, body found downstream Searchers have recovered the body of an Oregon man, who went in the Salmon River during a fishing trip with friends last week. The Idaho Co. Sheriff's Office says the body of 74-y/o Lawrence Bates, of Durkee, Oregon, was found about 2 mi. downstream from where he was last seen. Investigators say Bates was fishing from a drift boat on the Salmon River near the town of Lucile on Fri. (09-13). The boat hit rocks and flipped, spilling the occupants into the river. Police say Bates was not wearing a lifejacket and was unable to swim to shore as his companions did. Rescuers were unable to locate Bates and the initial search was called off due to poor water visibility, according to the sheriff's office. Bates' body was eventually found by deputies and members of the Riggins Dive Team.Read full story here.
09-15-13 BOCA GRANDE, FL Boating accident leaves family stranded during storm Mechanical problems and inclement weather appear to have been the cause of a chain of events that led to a boating accident that took place on Sun. (09-15) at approx. 4 p.m. off the Boca Grande shoreline. According to fire reports, emergency personnel were sent to Boca Bay Drive for a hazardous material spill in the water. When they arrived they found a small boat partially submerged, making contact with a private dock. The occupants of the boat, a family including small children, were taking shelter at a nearby residence. According to the boat’s navigator, they were trying to wait out the storm when their engine cut out, causing the boat to be washed under the dock. The boat was also leaking fuel. Read full story here.
09-13-13 HIGH ROCK LAKE, NC Woman recovering after boating accident A Lexington woman continues to recover at Wake Forest Baptist Med. Center in Winston-Salem after she was involved in a boating accident Fri. night (09-13) on High Rock Lake. Mary Gallaher, 48, was listed in good condition late Tue. afternoon (09-17) at WFBMC. She was involved in an accident that happened on the Rowan/Davidson Co. line of High Rock Lake about 9:30 p.m., said Eric Crouse, an officer with the N.C. Wildlife Resources Comm. The accident happened when she and her boyfriend, David Spratt, 41, of Lexington, were preparing to leave the lake for the night. Gallaher went to retrieve a bowline and fell into the water. Crouse said the boat was in motion as the woman tried to retrieve the bowline. "I guess she lost her balance," the officer said. Spratt tried to put the boat into reverse when he realized his girlfriend had fallen in. The officer added the boyfriend tried not to hit Gallaher and realized it was not a good idea when he put it in reverse, so he put the boat into neutral and cut the engine off. Crouse said the woman had been hit by the boat's propeller and suffered "pretty serious" lacerations to her upper and lower right leg. Spratt dived in the water and brought his girlfriend to the boat. At some point, the woman was screaming and telling Spratt to hurry, the officer said. Crouse said Spratt drove Gallaher to Tamarac Marina, and she was eventually airlifted to WFBMC. He said the woman's biggest concern now is infection, and she is expected to live. Crouse said there will no charges filed and explained the incident was an accident. Read full story here.
09-20-13 WILLACOOCHEE, GA Teen drowns in boating accident Atkinson Co. emergency officials responded to a 911 call about a drowning in Willacoochee Thur. evening (09-19). Two teenage boys were fishing in a private pond off of Coochee Creek Road when their boat overturned. The boys clung to the boat and decided to swim towards the hill to safety. One of the teenage boys did not make it. Upon arrival, Atkinson Co. firefighters, EMS and police surveyed the scene and requested help from Coffee Co. FD, Jeff Davis FD, DNR, and other emergency personnel boats with sonar were launched to search for the missing teenager. Around 2 AM, Coffee Co. FD indicated something at the bottom of the lake. Divers were sent in and retrieved the missing boy. The 2nd teenager involved was not injured. Read full story here.
09-22-13 LACEY, NJ Fire destroys sailboat at Forked River marina State Police and the Ocean Co. Fire Marshal are investigating a Sun. (09-22) boat fire that happened at the Forked River State Marina on S.Main Street, according to State Police. The fire broke out about 5 p.m. on a 1986 Laguna sailboat and caused “extensive damage,” said State Police Sgt. Brian Polite. A witness at the scene told police that smoke was billowing from the bottom of the boat before the fire erupted. State Police from the Marine Services Bureau Point Pleasant station responded to the blaze, along with the Forked River VFD and the Ocean Co. Fire Marshal. No one was on board the sailboat at the time, and the fire did not damage nearby boats or the dock, said Fire Chief Ray Brandmahl of the Forked River VFD. The cause of the fire “seemed to be the refrigerator, but we don’t know for sure,” Brandmahl said. The county Fire Marshal is investigating. Read full story here.
09-22-13 BARNEGAT INLET, NJ Sailboat runs aground near Barnegat Inlet jetty in Island Beach State Park A mariner escaped injury early Mon. (09-22) after his sailboat ran aground near the northern Barnegat Inlet jetty in Island Beach State Park. Upon receiving a distress call at about 2:30 a.m. Mon. for a boat taking on water in Island Beach State Park near the Barnegat Inlet jetty, USCG Station Barnegat Light launched a 47-ft. motor lifeboat, said Petty Officer Cindy Oldham. The responders could not communicate with the boater directly, so the nearby station served as the intermediary between the rescuers and the sailboat's occupant. During the response, the mariner was signaling the CG vessel with a flashlight, Oldham said. A Berkeley Township PD officer subsequently responded and helped the sailboat occupant out of the water. A spokesman for the Berkeley Township PD confirmed that there were no injuries and said additional details would be available later today. Oldham said that a salvage plan is in place for today. The investigation is ongoing. Read full story here.
A privately owned houseboat sank Fri. (08-30) in Hudson, Wisconsin. Authorities were on the scene around 11:30 a.m. Cory Oberdas, an onlooker, said he was driving by the St. Croix River when he saw workers putting barriers around the docked boat to prevent gas from leaking. The boat, which is about 60 ft. long, appears all metal with a steel hull. The boat is privately owned, according to the owners who were at the scene. It had been docked on a slip along the St. Croix in Hudson for about 2 wks.  The boat's owner said it hadn't been used in that time. An environmental specialty company spent most of Fri. trying to contain and clean fuel that was slowly bubbling out of the boat.  They also plan to lift the boat out of water with a crane to see if they can try and find a cause. Read full story here.
09-22-13 MECOSTA COUNTY, MI Michigan man, 60, dies after canoe overturns Authorities say a 60-y/o man has died after the canoe he was paddling overturned while he was going to pick up his sister in a state game area. Marvin Coker tried to cross Haymarsh Lake in Mecosta County's Grant Township at dusk on Sun. (09-22) to get his sister, who was hunting on the other side. The lake is at Haymarsh Lake State Game Area, about 50 mi. N. of Grand Rapids. The sheriff's dept. says the sister spent the night in the woods. When Coker didn't arrive, she discovered his overturned his canoe in the lake Mon. (09-23). Authorities say Coker wasn't wearing a lifejacket.Read full story here.
09-23-13 ROCK ISLAND, IL Canoe capsizes, two go into Mississippi River One man went onto the Mississippi River in a canoe Mon. (09-23), and 2 men ended up in the water.
An unidentified man was heard shouting for help around 1:30 p.m. near Sunset Marina in Rock Island. A fisherman who happened to be putting his boat into the water at Sunset gave responding Rock Island firefighters a ride into the channel to rescue the man, whose canoe had capsized. The Rock Island FD no longer owns a rescue boat, and the one at the Rock Island Arsenal was delayed because of a barge in the locks. Monday's save could have turned into a double rescue after a man on shore entered the river to try to help when he did not see any rescue boats coming. Terry Thurman of East Moline said, "We saw the canoe, and it was fine. Next thing we knew, we saw it glistening in the sun, and we realized the canoe was upside-down. "I could hear the man yelling, 'Help!' I only made it about halfway to him, and the current started pulling me under." As he got closer, he could see the boater was struggling, but he also realized his own limitations, Thurman said. "He was hanging onto the side of the canoe, but he kept getting pulled under," he said. "I wasn't sure he would make it, and it occurred to me that I may not, either." Thurman, who said he grew up near water, said he was worried the man clinging to the canoe would not survive. The city of Rock Island is looking into the possibility of replacing the secondhand boat it got from the Arsenal that long ago became too expensive to maintain. Read full story here.
09-18-13 LINCOLN, NE Flood waters flip canoe State officials are urging outdoor recreationalists to stay away from flood waters in western and central Nebraska. The warning came after Nebraska Game and Parks officials rescued a man from the S.Platte River earlier this week. Authorities say 2 brothers from Colorado launched a canoe into the swollen river on Wed. (09-18). The canoe capsized about a mi. E. of the Nebraska-Colorado state line. Read full story here.
09-22-13 LOGAN, OH Lancaster Man, 77, Dies After Falling From Kayak A 77-y/o man died on Sun. (09-22) after falling from his kayak on the Hocking River. The Hocking Co. Sheriff’s Office said that Charles Prosh was pronounced dead at about 4 p.m. Sun. He was kayaking with his family when the kayak hit bumpy waters. Read full story here.
09-15-13 GEYSERVILLE, CA Calif. Jet Skier Injured in Collision on Lake A 27-y/o woman on a PWC suffered head injuries Sun. (09-15) at Lake Sonoma when she and another on a similar craft collided, emergency officials said. The crash was reported at 4:24 p.m. near a boat ramp on the lake. The woman was at some point unconscious and tended to by paramedics with Geyserville Fire and Bell's Ambulance until a helicopter could get to the remote area. Several area helicopters were out of service or otherwise engaged and a CALSTAR helicopter from Mendocino Co. was called to the scene.
The helicopter unit lifted off from Lake Sonoma at 5:10 p.m. and flew the woman to Santa Rosa Memorial Hosp.Read full story here.
09-21-13 EGG HARBOR, NJ Coast Guard rescues elderly man five miles off coast A medical emergency spurred the USCG into action just after a morning training off the Great Egg Harbor Inlet. Air crews were equipped for a water rescue at 10:40 a.m. when they received word of an elderly man needing immediate medical assistance, said Petty Officer Cynthia Oldham. The crew found the man, whose identity is not known at this time, in a 20-ft.-long PWC about 5 mi. off shore. He was airlifted him to AtlantiCare Med. Center, Mainland Campus. Responders had been practicing water rescues earlier in the day and had the equipment to lift him straight out of his vessel. Read full story here.
09-14-13 VALPARAISO, FL Two injured in watercraft wreck Two people were taken to Twin Cities Hosp. Sat. afternoon (09-14) after they hit the Tom’s Bayou Bridge on a PWC. Rescuers were called to the scene about 1:55 p.m. The 18-y/o passenger suffered injuries to her hips, back and neck, Valparaiso Fire Chief Mark Norris said. The 17-y/o driver was taken to the hosp. to wait for her parents.Read full story here.

09-23-13 QUINCY, MA Fire destroys Wollaston boat Quincy firefighters put out a boat fire at the Wollaston YC on Mon. afternoon (09-23). The city’s FD said the fire was reported shortly before 3:30 p.m. Mon. and extinguished by about 3:45 p.m. There was one person on the boat at the time of the fire, but there were no reports of injuries. The boat was declared a total loss after the fire was extingushed. Deputy Fire Chief Jeffrey Starr said that the fire was caused by a small burner being used by the boyfriend of the boat's owner. "He was using a small burner to heat water for coffee in the cabin of the boat, and then he went up to get something and when he came back the boat was burning and he couldn’t put it out," said Starr. The dept. has not released the names of the boat owner or the man onboard the boat at the time of the fire. The boat  was tied up at the end of the pier at the Wollaston YC when the fire began, and the area of the pier near the boat was slightly charred after the fire. “It’s going to get towed into shore, and then we’re going to have someone take it out of here to a storage place," said Starr. Read full story here.

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