Boating Accident News 12/4/2013

By Kristy Moore posted 12-04-2013 10:42 AM

Couple disappears from boat during Sacramento delta fishing trip 12-03-13 – Sacramento, CA
Authorities continue to search for a married couple who went missing on Thanksgiving Day while fishing on the Sacramento delta, their boat found running, slowly making circles in the water. Four days after the Coast Guard found the unoccupied boat, 64-year-old Van Chanpenxi and his wife, Chantra, 51, remain missing. “Their clothes were inside the boat, outer clothing jackets and what have you. There were fish inside the boat. Obviously they were fishing. We just don’t know what happened to them,” Sacramento County Sheriff’s Sgt. Lisa Bowman told Fox 40. The boat was found just north of the Rio Vista Bridge, according to the sheriff's department. Their son, Jim Chanpenxi, told Fox 40 that the family was waiting anxiously for a new development. He last spoke to his parents on the phone the day they went missing. “It’s hard. But we still try to be positive. Hopefully they come home. Maybe they’re OK still,” he said. “That’s what’s killing us right now. Not knowing is probably the hardest thing." Van Chanpenxi was described by sheriff's officials as Laotian, 5 feet, 9 inches tall, 155 pounds, with brown eyes and glasses.  He is bald and clean-shaven. It wasn't known what he might be wearing. Chantra Chanpenxi, also Laotian, is 5 feet, 3 inches tall, 120 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes, authorities said.
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Two men swim to shore after boat sinks; one dies 12-02-13 – off Crystal Beach in Palm Harbor, FL
One of two 24-year-old men who swam to shore Sunday afternoon after their boat sank in the Gulf of Mexico has died, authorities said. Stephen J. Chadwick, of Tarpon Springs, died at 2 a.m. Monday at Helen Ellis Hospital, said Baryl Martin, a spokesman with Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. The cause of death will not be known until an autopsy is conducted. About 2 p.m. Sunday, Chadwick and Joseph Citro, of Indianapolis, boarded a Jon boat off Crystal Beach in Palm Harbor and headed to meet friends on spoil islands, deputies said. The boat began taking on water less than an hour into the trip — between Crystal Beach and Honeymoon Island – and sank after a wave overtook it, deputies said. The men capsized the boat and initially held on to the hull before deciding to swim to shore. Chadwick wore a life vest and Citro used a backpack to stay afloat. Chadwick lost consciousness about 7 p.m. as they approached shore, deputies said. Citro pulled Chadwick ashore at 908 Point Seaside Drive in Palm Harbor. A resident at that address helped Citro perform CPR on Chadwick and called 911, deputies said. Rescue workers arrived, and both men were taken to Helen Ellis Hospital. Deputies said Citro had non-life-threatening injuries.The FWC is investigating.
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West St. Mary grad dies in boating accident 12-01-13 - Atchafalaya River, LA
Blaine Tabb, a recent West St. Mary High graduate and former center for the school's football team, was found dead following a boating accident on the Atchafalaya River on Saturday. According to Tabb's uncle, Joseph Tabb, Blaine and a friend were driving their boat just a few miles from Myette Point boat landing in Franklin, when they struck a tree around 4:30 a.m. The Iberia Parish Sheriff's Office says Tabb's friend was able to swim to shore and call for help. Authorities say Tabb's friend was wearing a life vest; 20-year-old Tabb was not. Neither authorities, nor the Tabb family, are releasing the age or identity of Blaine's friend. But, Joseph Tabb says he has "minor bruises and cuts." Joseph Tabb says his nephew was working as a fitter for a construction company following graduation from high school this year. "I've been here quite a few times when this has happened. I've heard of it happening a lot and my dad has seen it quite a bit over here over the years. We've lost quite a few people out here," says boater Richard Benson. Benson, of New Iberia, says he has been fishing in the Atchafalaya River for 45 years and has experienced, first-hand, the dangers of early morning boating. "You can't see anything because it's dark. You solely depend on Qbeams or spotlights. You have fog on the river because of temperature change and you have to be extra careful for logs," says Benson. Read full story here.
Hunter pulls himself from Pleasant River after canoe mishap 11-29-13 - BROWNVILLE, ME
A 52-year-old Brownville man scrambled out of the Pleasant River before hypothermia could set in after his canoe tipped over as he paddled toward a deer hunting site on Friday, police said. Brownville Police Department Cpl. Chad Perkins met Paul Bucci on Interconnected Trail System 110 near Front Street and took him home after Bucci’s wife reported the incident about 2:45 p.m., Perkins said. “It turned out to be a pretty quick call for us,” Perkins said Friday. “I was on my way out there to get him when I found him on the trail.” “He got soaked but he wasn’t in the water for that long,” Perkins added. “He was cold but he wasn’t that cold.” The approximately 6-foot-tall Bucci told Perkins that he was about halfway across the river when his canoe tipped over and he fell into the chest-deep water. Bucci’s cellphone got doused but he managed to call his wife before it died, Perkins said. Bucci was coherent, his skin color was good and he displayed no other signs of hypothermia once he got into Perkins’ police cruiser. Water temperatures have dropped recently but the river shows no signs of icing, Perkins said. Perkins found Bucci about 3:15 p.m. Perkins called off game wardens and firefighters before they arrived. Bucci had a life preserver with him but wasn’t wearing it.“I think it was the kind that you sit on,” Perkins said. Bucci could not immediately recover his canoe or anything else he might have lost in the river, Perkins said.
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Columbia man dies in boat accident on Lake Carolina 12-02-13 - Columbia, SC
A Columbia man drowned Saturday after his boat overturned on Lake Carolina. Richland County Coroner Gary Watts said Clyde Williams, 43, of Deer Harbour Court in Columbia died shortly before noon Saturday. Williams told family he was going fishing Saturday and was reported missing when he did not return on time. Officers from the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources found his overturned boat still anchored on the lake. Rescuers from the Columbia Fire Department were called and found Williams’ body not far from the boat around 1:30 p.m. Saturday. The Department of Natural Resources is investigating the cause of the incident, but officers said foul play was not suspected. Read full story here.
SC DNR continues search for missing boater in Florence County 12-01-13 - PAMPLICO, SC
Officials in Florence County continued Monday to search for a missing boater from the weekend. Lieutenant Joe Ard with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources confirmed crews are continuing to search for 63-year-old John Williams Sr. Williams has been missing since Friday night.  He was boating on the Great Pee Dee River near Dewitt's Landing near Pamplico.  Dewitt's Landing is off of Old River Road. Count on News13 and for more on this story as soon as it becomes available. Read full story here.

Two rescued from river bank 12-02-13 – Leavenworth, KS
Leavenworth emergency personnel helped two people from the bank of the Missouri River on Sunday after a canoe capsized, police and fire officials said. The incident was reported around 5:15 p.m. Sunday. A man and woman had been canoeing on the Missouri River when the craft overturned. Both apparently were able to make it to the bank of the river. Firefighters helped the woman to safety in the area of Riverfront Park, said Maj. Dan Nicodemus, deputy chief of the Leavenworth Police Department. Leavenworth Assistant Fire Chief Mike Lingenfelser said the woman was loaded into what is known as a Stokes basket. Using the litter basket and ropes, the firefighters moved the woman to an area along the embankment that is more easily accessible. Nicodemus said there was an initial concern the woman may have been suffering from hypothermia. But, the deputy chief said he didn't know if the woman had to be taken to the hospital. Nicodemus said firefighters also provided assistance to the man, who was in the area of Landing Park. Read full story here.
Friend pulled to Florida shore by Indy man dies 12-02-13 – Palm Harbor Palm, FL
A Florida man has died after he and an Indianapolis man swam to shore after their boat sank off Pinellas County. Stephen Chadwick of Tarpon Springs and Joseph Citro of Indianapolis boarded a boat around 2 p.m. Sunday and headed out to meet friends at an island in the Gulf of Mexico. Deputies say the johnboat began taking on water less than an hour into the trip and sank. The men initially held on to the hull but eventually decided to swim to shore. Chadwick wore a life vest, and Citro used a backpack to stay afloat. Investigators say Chadwick lost consciousness around 7 p.m. as they approached shore. Citro pulled him to shore and performed CPR. “He went above and beyond to try to help his friend,” said Baryl Martin, spokesman for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Both men were taken to the hospital, but Chadwick later died, authorities in Florida said. “Anytime you have cold water and you are submerged in the water for an extended period of time without the proper equipment, wetsuits or anything along those lines, you can get hypothermia," Martin said. Citro was later released from the hospital, authorities said. The Florida native was staying with his parents in Palm Harbor and not speaking with the media. Conservation officers were using boats and a helicopter to try to recover the capsized vessel Monday.Read full story here.

Sailboat sinks off Hampton, two boaters hospitalized 11-29-13 - Hampton County, VA
Two boaters were hospitalized when their sailboat sank just offshore near Buckroe <>  Beach in Hampton Friday morning.  The 23-foot-long sailboat sank off the 700 block of North First Street, according to Capt. Jeff Pereira with the Hampton Division of Fire and Rescue. Hampton fire, police and the U.S. Coast Guard all responded to the sinking.  Jack Lundy, who lives on the block, said fire officials arrived at the house next door and watched the boat from the shore. Through his binoculars, Lundy could see the ship between 400 and 500 yards from shore, sitting with about two feet of the side of the boat above the water.  "When we went out there, it was already well on the way to sinking," Lundy said. "There was maybe 18 inches to 2 feet of the side of the boat and then it just disappeared under the water.”  Lundy said it took less than five minutes for the boat to sink. When it came to rest, about 9 feet of the mast was still above the water line.  Two boaters with life vests on were left clinging to the mast in the frigid water for what seemed to be about 40 minutes, according to Lundy.  A civilian fishing boat motoring by brought the boaters aboard as the Coast Guard helicopter hovered overhead.  Eventually, a fire division boat arrived and took the boaters in to a marina, where two medical units administered emergency care and transported the boaters to Sentara Careplex Hospital.Read full story here.

Sea Tow Captain Rescues Stranded Boater from Hereford Inlet 12-3-13 - North Wildwood, NJ  
An unidentified male boater on a 30-foot sailboat was rescued from Hereford Inlet in North Wildwood by Sea Tow Cape May at approximately 5:15 p.m. Nov. 30.  Bill Pace, a resident of North Wildwood, called 911 when he noticed the boat was in distress.  According to Sea Tow office manager Dotte Moran, the keel of the sailboat went into the sand and was unable to move. Sea Tow Captain Ed Ryan heard the call on the radio, was ten minutes away, and was on scene immediately.  The boater set his anchor and launched his rubber dinghy in order to reach deeper water. Ryan was then able to transport him in the Sea Tow boat to a North Wildwood Fire Department rescue boat. The sailboat was not recovered.  The boater had no injuries but was transported to Cape Regional Medical Center as a precaution.  North Wildwood Police Department was unavailable for comment.Read full story here.
Stevenson, WA man dies in Hawaii shark attack 12-3-13 - Honolulu, HI
The Maui County Police Department has identified the kayak fisherman killed in shark attack.  Police say 57-year-old Patrick Briney of Stevenson, Wash., died Monday while fishing from a kayak off Maui's southwest coast.  State Department of Land and Natural Resources says the shark bit his dangling foot.  His fishing partner in another kayak tied a tourniquet on the man and asked for help from a nearby tour boat, which took the man to shore. He was then taken to a hospital.  The type of shark is unknown.  This is Maui's eighth shark attack this year and the 13th for the state. A German tourist who lost her arm to a shark died in August, a week after she was bitten while snorkeling off Maui.

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