'Tis the Most Busiest Time of the Year!

By Pamela Dillon posted 12-10-2012 02:17 PM


As we near the winter solstice, and as a seasoned boating safety professional living in the northern part of the U.S., I am no longer surprised to hear people say 'You must be happy your busy season is over.' I usually just smile, knowing full-well that, while I am busy year-round, my very busiest season starts in December, crescendos in March, and quiets in June with the activities of NASBLA's Education & Outreach Committee!

This heightened activity period begins now!  Over 50 individuals have volunteered as members of two subcommittees: Marketing & Outreach and Policy & Best Practices.  Under the leadership of Mark Brown (OK), Susan Stocker (IA), Erika Brooks (KS), and Board Liaison Dave Harris (UT), committee work will tackle substantial issues facing boating safety education, policy, programming, and awareness.  More specifically, sixteen charges are approved to be addressed, including state reciprocity, social networking, information distribution, metrics identification/compilation/reporting, life jacket labeling, dealer connectivity, professional development, strategic planning, and national campaigns.  Charge groups are forming now.  Interested in participating?  Consider this your invitation to volunteer for this collaborative and informative work effort!  The 2012-13 Education & Outreach Committee document is now posted on NASBLA Connect.  Review it and contact me (pam@nasbla.org) indicating your area of interest.  Can’t travel to the March meeting?  Most committee work is completed via toll-free conference calling, so no excuse! Join this hard-working committee as we organize to tackle some of our profession’s ongoing challenges.

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