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NASBLA BOAT Program Recognizes Captain Eric Lundin as the 2022 Instructor of the Year

By Taylor Kirshe posted 01-04-2023 10:26 AM

NASBLA BOAT Program Recognizes Captain Eric Lundin as the 2022 Instructor of the Year 

2022 NASBLA BOAT Program Instructor of the Year

The National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) recognized the 2022 BOAT Program Instructor of the Year for his exceptional performance of duties and responsibilities within the Boat Operations and Training (BOAT) Program. The 2022 Instructor of the Year Award was presented to Captain Eric Lundin on December 13 at the BOAT Program National Instructor Development Workshop held in Lexington, Kentucky. 

In addition to his past success as a Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) Environmental Conservation Police Captain, Lundin has demonstrated a continuing high degree of professional excellence as a NASBLA BOAT Program instructor. Beginning as a break-in instructor in 2012, Capt. Lundin quickly earned the NASBLA Instructor Credential, reaching the Lead Instructor designation in eight course disciplines. Capt. Lundin’s knowledge of his professional specialty and willingness to assist in any capacity has made him an asset to the NASBLA BOAT Program’s instructor cadre. Since 2012, Capt. Lundin has made himself available for 140 course deliveries, teaching 42 of these courses as either an instructor or lead instructor.  

Captain Eric Lundin

“Eric Lundin has been an integral part of the BOAT Program’s success since his arrival,” said Dave Considine, BOAT Program Director. “He brings a high level of expertise to every course he teaches and is extremely deserving of this accolade.”

Capt. Lundin has excelled as a BOAT Program Instructor because of his strong working knowledge of the maritime environment and his deep understanding of adult learning principles. He has facilitated learner engagement in every course he has taught, assuring the delivery's success. Capt. Lundin’s charm, charisma, and cheerful attitude are contagious, and have been noted daily by both instructors and students. 

Capt. Lundin is always well-prepared for each of his courses, delivers the knowledge and skills effectively, and builds confidence among his students. His dedication, commitment and devotion to duty is in the highest standing and is the epitome of a NABLA BOAT Instructor. Captain Lundin has directly contributed to the strategic goals of the BOAT Program, and to the safety and security of America’s waterways. 

For more information about the NASBLA BOAT Program, visit the BOAT Program webpage.