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Maryland names new Boating Law Administrator

By Taylor Kirshe posted 03-06-2023 04:17 PM


Maryland names new Boating Law Administrator

Major Brian Rathgeb

The National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) is excited to welcome Major Brian Rathgeb, the new Boating Law Administrator (BLA) for the state of Maryland.

Major Brian Rathgeb has worked for the Maryland Natural Resources Police for 26 years. Over the course of his career, he has commanded every unit within the Agency. He began his career working at a marine patrol duty station on the Patuxent River in Southern Maryland. Major Rathgeb worked in both marine and inland patrol enforcement throughout Southern Maryland as an Officer and Corporal. In 2005, he joined the statewide Criminal Investigations Section working on fatal watercraft incidents, and large-scale poaching operations, among other things.

Major Rathgeb returned to Field Operations when he was promoted to Sergeant on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. He was reassigned to the Internal Affairs Unit where he was subsequently promoted to Lieutenant. Major Rathgeb was promoted to Captain of the Southern Region in 2016 where he oversaw roughly 50 uniformed field patrol officers. In 2020, he was reassigned to the Special Operations Division. In that role, he commanded Criminal Investigations, Covert Investigations, Task Force Officers, Special Response Teams (TRT, K9, Underwater Operations, etc.), and Aviation.

Major Rathgeb is currently the Chief of the Support Services Bureau, a role he has held since December of 2021. In Support Services, Major Rathgeb leads all non-law enforcement related units. Support Services encompasses recruitment, hiring, promotions, entry level training, in-service training, safety education, police communications, records, agency technology, vehicle and vessel fleets, and quartermaster.