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Certified Recreational Boating Professional (CRBP) Participants

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    Posted 14 days ago

    Good morning everyone - hope this finds you well, curious and eager!

    The CRBP Commission is putting together study groups to assist you in achieving success as you pursue completion of modules leading to CRBP certification. I have accepted the lead for Partnership, and co-lead with Barry Lucero (NM BLA) for Management, Ethics, Leadership, Character.

    If you are interested in completing the Partnership module (domain #5), let me know so I can get a list started and get you moving towards your goal. Likewise, if you're ready to launch in the pursuit of Management, Ethics, Leadership, Character (domain #1) ​​let Barry and me know that as well.

    Its time to get the train moving! email me at - looking forward to hearing from you!

    Best regards,

    Ed Huntsman
    RBS Program Manager
    Eighth Coast Guard District