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  • 1.  Emergency Cutoff Switches

    Posted 03-20-2023 10:34 AM

    Good Morning,

    I am trying to determine which states have a state law or regulation regarding the use of ECOS, specifically wearing of the lanyard, that coincides with the USCG regulations. In those states that do have a law in place, I would like to make contact with you to discuss in more detail. Thank you.

    Scott Forrest
    MD Natural Resources Police

  • 2.  RE: Emergency Cutoff Switches

    Posted 03-21-2023 07:35 AM

    Good morning Lieutenant Forest,

    As a provider that teaches the Connecticut course, we have NOT adopted the USCG law. 

    Glenn Dean
    Connecticut State Certified Instructor
    Connecticut Boating Certificates LLC

  • 3.  RE: Emergency Cutoff Switches

    Posted 03-22-2023 11:32 AM
    Good morning 

    In Arizona, the only regulation we have for ECOS wear is for PWC's (see below). We are currently attempting to change those regulations through our legislative session, which has been moving forward. 
    • B. A person who operates a personal watercraft that is equipped by the manufacturer with a lanyard type engine cutoff switch shall attach the lanyard to his body, clothing or personal flotation device as appropriate for the specific watercraft.
    Hope this helps. 




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  • 4.  RE: Emergency Cutoff Switches

    Posted 03-21-2023 12:51 PM

    Wisconsin currently only requires an ECOS for personal watercraft operation.  I'm hopeful to get our legislature interested in taking on this topic but I'm not sure if they are going to be willing this session or not. 


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    Lieutenant, Darren Kuhn
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  • 5.  RE: Emergency Cutoff Switches

    Posted 03-21-2023 01:05 PM

    Good day Lt.

    NJ has a rule in place for power vessels and a law for PWCs. I have included both for your review. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need further clarification or assistance.

    13:82-1.15 Lanyard cut-off switch
    The operator of a vessel equipped with a lanyard cut-off switch shall wear the safety switch lanyard
    at all times when the vessel is in operation.

    § 12:7-64. Requirements for operator of personal watercraft
    A person operating a personal watercraft shall at all times:

    (a) Wear the safety switch lanyard while the personal watercraft is underway, provided
    that the personal watercraft is equipped with such a lanyard cut-off device; and

    (b) Proceed at a safe speed that shall allow the person operating the personal watercraft to
    take proper and effective action to avoid collision and to stop the personal watercraft
    within a safe distance, as may be appropriate under prevailing circumstances and

    SFC Christopher Jones
    Assistant Station Commander
    Marine Services Bureau
    New Jersey State Police
    New Jersey BLA

  • 6.  RE: Emergency Cutoff Switches

    Posted 03-22-2023 08:01 PM

    Good evening,

    In December 2022, USCG BSX-2 sent a letter to the BLAs from all 56 state and territory's providing guidance on the legislative actions that need to be taken in order to comply with federal laws/regulations. In addition to the ECOS laws, we also included reference to the newest requirements for fire protection on recreational boats. Should you have specific questions regarding your state's ECOS laws or the letter, please contact your BLA. The BLAs can always reach out to their State Program Coordinator (SPC) in the Program & Ops Management Branch (BSX-21). 


    Brian Moore

    USCG Office of Boating Safety (BSX 21)

    Brian Moore
    USCG BSX 21