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ERAC 2017-2018 cycle video

Video presentation incorporating select charge activities undertaken by the Engineering, Reporting & Analysis Committee (ERAC) during the 2017-2018 cycle.. Originally delivered Sept. 11, 2.018 at the 59th NASBLA Annual Conference, Indianapolis, IN. Complete, written report can be found on...

ERAC 2018 Presentation_v090818_sound_video.mp4

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Lessons and Successes in Conducting a Marine Firearms Course

One of the most critical components of law enforcement is proper training and to be more specific, training that is relevant to the type of work officers are providing. This philosophy ensures that officers utilize proper judgment exercised in the environment they are working from to reduce...


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Sophia’s Law Carbon Monoxide Brochure

See also Toughest Carbon Monoxide Law - Educating Boaters and Changing an Industry presentation and Sophia’s Law Final Sticker Sheet #AnnualConference #CarbonMonoxide #Sophias Law #2017

Sophias Law - Carbon Monoxide Brochure.pdf

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Sophia’s Law Final Sticker Sheet

See also Sophia’s Law Carbon Monoxide Brochure and Toughest Carbon Monoxide Law - Educating Boaters and Changing an Industry presentation. #Sophias Law #AnnualConference #CarbonMonoxide #2017

Sophias Law Final Sticker Sheet Layout Accessible.pdf

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Toughest Carbon Monoxide Law - Educating Boaters and Changing an Industry

Overall focus: preventing carbon monoxide (CO) boating fatalities. 1. Overview of CO poisoning related to boating. 2. Lessons learned from quick implementation of a complex new boating safety law. 3. How a new law has led national manufacturers to develop new products. 4. Understand the...

Sophia's Law Presentation Final 2017.pdf

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Eyes in the Sky - Drones for Law Enforcement Use in the Maritime Environment

Discussion regarding the available small unmanned autonomous systems (sUAS/Drones) platforms and capabilities of each. How to integrate a sUAS/drone program into your department, as well as required training and certifications needed for sUAS operators. Learn about new advancements in air-to...

NASBLA Presentation Eyes In The Sky by Planet Inhouse, Inc.pptx

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Town Hall: Increasing Participation & Completion of Boating Education Courses

State, Non-profit organizations, course providers, and many others put a LOT of time, effort, resources, and energy into urging and recruiting boaters to complete a boating course. The Spring Aboard: Take a Boating Education Course national campaign is an effort to focus media attention on this...

Town Hall - Take a Boater Education Course.pptx

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NASBLA Course Approvals - Interactivity Rubric

In September 2016, the NASBLA membership approved a change in Section 9.3A of the NASBLA Basic Boating Course Approval Policy which can result in the OPTION to remove required course timers for online courses which incorporate a heightened level of student interactivity. This Deep Dive session...

NASBLA Education Policy section 9.3A_Combined.pptx

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Boating Safety Dashboard - How Your State Can Participate

Data drives programs and good decision-making. Access to data is needed at all levels of an organization and for members of the boating community, the media, and the general public. Under a newly approved USCG grant, the Boating Safety Dashboard tool is now available for view by all. Future...

Dashboard Presentation - Monday 10AM.pptx

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Using in Your Agency Media Work is a new online tool for BLAs, Education Coordinators, and Public Information Officers’ use to access valuable, up-to-date data, talking points and resources for work with the boating media. This is also intended to be used by the media to improve their articles to include...

Media Toolbox Scenario presentation NASBLA 2017-Final with Group Notes.pptx