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USCG Letter on Hull Identification Number Guidance

The purpose of this letter is to provide guidance and clarification to all 56 states and territories on the intent Title 33 CFR Subchapter S (§§ 173 - 187), specifically 33 CFR § 174.16. On March 28, 2012, the Coast Guard published a Final Rule in the Federal Register entitled “Changes to...


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Titling States Map

This is an updated map of titling states as of March 13, 2019. The update indicates that Alaska is now a titling state. The map also indicates states that have adopted the Uniform Certificate of Title for Vessels Act. #Registrationandtransfer #Numberingandtitling


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Best Practice Policy For Program Uniformity – Interstate Notification

There is a need for the States and the U.S. Coast Guard to track registered/titled vessels from state to state. All states should notify one another when a vessel that is currently registered/titled in one state gets registered/titled in another state. Currently only 19 (35%) of states...