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Lessons and Successes in Conducting a Marine Firearms Course 

09-27-2017 10:19 AM

One of the most critical components of law enforcement is proper training and to be more specific, training that is relevant to the type of work officers are providing. This philosophy ensures that officers utilize proper judgment exercised in the environment they are working from to reduce possible litigation and ensure officer survival in the worse-case scenarios. Marine law enforcement professionals focus tremendous amount of times towards firearm training, but the reality of officers actually conducting live fire from patrol boats on a national scale is slight at best. This session will focus on the logistics involved in developing and applying a shoot-from-the-boat type of training and incorporating all of the safety angles involved. It will also involve working with other State agencies in accomplishing this training task. The concepts of this program should allow individual states to set up their own maritime law enforcement patrol vessel training program whether incorporating live fire, simunitions, or other types of adaptive training methods. Presentation by Dan Hesket at the 2017 NASBLA Annual Conference

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