Boaters & Paddlers


Whether you are a new or experienced boater, many questions come up frequently. The U.S. Coast Guard’s Boating Safety Division and state boating divisions are valuable resources.

The U.S. Coast Guard’s Boating Safety Division (CG-BSX-2) maintains a list of frequently asked questions (FAQS) they receive. These questions and answers are primarily related to federal recreational boating rules. These FAQS can be found on the U.S. Coast Guard’s Boating Safety Division’s Frequently Asked Questions webpage.

Many states have specific recreational boating rules. If you have questions about life jackets in a particular state, NASBLA maintains a dashboard with helpful information. Please go to the Life Jacket Requirements dashboard. Click on each state to learn about their life jacket requirements. If your question is not answered on the dashboard, a link is available that will connect you with the state’s boating division.