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Josh Hoffman Hoffman

Boat Safety Education Program Coordinator,
AZ Game & Fish Dept
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Josh Hoffman, here from the paradise we like to call Arizona. I am the Boating Education Coordinator, learning how to make all kinds of trouble with Action Jackson. I think my primary job duty is to answer, ignore, delete, or search for emails...When not immersed in my inbox I am coordinating our boating and paddle classes, talking boat safety at outreaches, working with NGO's and volunteers on a variety of activities, delivering life jackets to loaner stations and like Larry said, just doing what needs doing. And if what needs doing involves a paddle--so much the better.
I have really enjoyed getting to know the boating ed community through NASBLA since I came on with Arizona Game and Fish in 2015.
Prior to working for AZGFD, I was a middle school science and tech teacher for 12 years...and then I escaped. Speaking of escaping, my favorite getaway (if we are talking without the family) is, hands-down, somewhere in the Grand Canyon preferably with a fishing pole in my pack. My 10 month old doesn't know it yet but our favorite family vacation spot is either up in the White Mountains of AZ or on the beach in San Diego.