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A Prewriting Overview in the Essay Writing 

In higher education such as in colleges and universities, you are expected to produce high quality and advanced essays. These essays judge your knowledge and the understanding of the subject at hand; this can be the course material or a subject outside of the main course. It also tests your ability to produce in-depth and high-quality research, while also allowing you to demonstrate by your essay writer an ability to manage and organize large amounts of information and material to produce a complete thought.

Scheduling and planning your essay

According to the due date of the essay, you should know the amount of time that you have to finish the essay before time. When scheduling the essay keep in mind that the essay is not the only task that you will have to do during the time. You will probably have other engagements, such as social engagements and other academic assignments/ tasks. 

Make sure that you keep separate time for the essay tuning tasks such as editing and proofreading. Your write my essay for me should be first of all divided into the various tasks that you will go through in writing your essay. The tasks are as follows:

  • Scrutinizing and dissecting the essay task
  • Doing background research upon the subject
  • Planning a response and coming up with ideas
  • Doing in-depth research and reading
  • Writing the initial draft for the essay
  • Reviewing the essay drafts 
  • Editing and proofreading the final draft
  • Formating the essay according to the requirements and submitting it before time

Breaking down the essay prompt

Once you have allocated a rough timeline for the essay you should move onto breaking down the essay task. The best way to do this is by asking questions from the prompt.

Questions that you can target the prompt with:

  • What is the wider context of the topic at hand?
  • What are the instructions or the task words given in the essay?
  • What are the subject matter and the limiting parameters? 

The essay will either prompt you to perform a task, describe something, analyze a problem or an issue, or argue defending a position or presenting a new one. This will help you know the scope of the topic and will help you refrain from adding irrelevant information to the write my essay

Finding and collecting relevant information

Before you dive into researching your topic and finding new information, it is crucial that you jot down your own ideas and related information. Doing this will allow you to have original ideas to work on in the essay, whereas brainstorming after the research tends to make us reproduce others’ ideas. 

The sources that you can consult for your essay are the lecture notes and handouts, the specialized encyclopedia, and journals and academic papers from electronic resources.

A good and effective approach used by many is to go through a specialized encyclopedia to get background information about the subject. These sources provide scholarly and in-depth information.

When going through the resources move from general to specific. Try to narrow down your choices by going through the abstract and the content page. When you want specific information regarding a subject, you should consult the index and scan the mentioned pages to see if the information is there or not. Avoid reading the whole text as it will eat up most of your essay time, without the guarantee that you will come up with the appropriate information for the essay.

Making notes during this process, including summaries will prove helpful for free essay writer and will save you from rereading the passages of your research.