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Carleton Richardson III

Maine Warden Service


I'm Sergeant Carleton Richardson with the Maine Warden Service. I'm a supervisor in Division A that covers York, Cumberland and Oxford County. I have been with the Maine Warden since 2013 and was a Police Officer for the City of Biddeford for 8 years before that.

Currently, I supervise the WTO program for the Department. I am a SFST/Intox instructor, Seated battery instructor and a Deputy incident commander for Search and Rescue.

I'm the Assistant NASBLA boating law administrator for the department.

Job History

Maine Warden Service
Game Warden Sergeant
Gray, ME, United States
January 2013 - present

Biddeford Police Department
Police Officer
Biddeford, ME, United States
August 2005 - January 2013