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Robert Rovetto

(Seeking Opportunities in small-boat operations, Maritime Safety & SAR) Currently webmaster & journal developer of the Journal of SAR.
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  • Webmaster and journal developer for the Journal of SAR.

  • Seeking Opportunities & Mentors
    (Available immediately. Willing to relocate globally. Willing to volunteer for training)
    • I want entry-level jobs driving small-boats in any sector (40ft or less, RHIBs, & PWC)
    • I want a job and a career-path to serve in maritime safety and search & rescue (SAR).
      • Looking for Mentors
      • Looking for Training
    • My Boating Services (for hire)
    • Example project: Maritime SAR Bibliography
    • Seeking Co-authors to join maritime safety papers
      • Contact me to join paper on maritime safety terminology
  • Certifications
    • U.S. Merchant Mariner Credential (100 ton inland)
    • International cert for basic rescue operator on PWC
    • U.S Power Squadrons, Advanced Pilot cert.
    • 2 Basic Boating Safety certs. (USA, NY, NJ)
    • Pleasure Craft Operator Cert (Canada)
  • 18 Publications, 2 maritime manuals, & various study-guides for boating.
  • Experience using Rescue21 system & communications watch procedures/duties
  • Website Editing experience

  • I'm passionate about maritime SAR, having various ways I can contribute: as boat crew, small-boat operator, radio/dispatch, training dev., instructing, grant writing, website work, data/knowledge modeling, writing manuals & study guides.

    I've told SAR colleagues: Like a keeper of a lighthouse who lives at his station, so I would at a rescue boat station. I'd study charts each day, housekeep the station, maintain the boat(s) and gear, and answer calls for the team. That is what I want to do in any capacity with this life. We have one life to live, and I want to spend it training and being available to serve on or around rescue boats. I need someone or some org. to realize my potential, help me improve myself, train and focus my service interest and creativity.

  • Training experiences on various types of rescue boat, so I'm familiar with the vessels, PPE, management, good & bad leadership practices, training schemes, and the boats of different SAR groups, globally.

Ask to connect on linkedin.
Non-maritime CV available on request.

Please contact me if you can help me reach my service goals, or have an entry-level job opportunity.


M.A., 2011

Mariners School / Learning System
Merchant Mariner Credential (Deck Officer - Master 100 Ton), 2008

University of Maryland

Professional Associations

The Maritime Professional Responders and Officers Association (Maritime PRO)
2019 - 2020

U.S. Power Squadrons
2018 - 2019

International Maritime Rescue Federation
2016 - 2019

International Association of Water Rescue Professionals
2016 - 2018

US Life-Saving Service Heritage Association
2015 - 2018

Association for Rescue At Sea (AFRAS)
2011 - 2012

U.S. Merchant Marine
2008 - Present

2006 - 2015

Honors and Awards

Advanced Pilot
United States Power Squadrons

CG Unit Commendation
Auxiliary Coast gaurd

Operations (runner-up)
Auxiliary Coast gaurd

Operations Annual Service Performance Award
Auxiliary Coast gaurd

Public Affairs
Auxiliary Coast gaurd

Qualifications completed: Communications watchstander

United States Power Squadrons

Sustained Service Award
Aux Coast gaurd