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Robert Rovetto

(Seeking Opportunities in small-boat operations, Maritime Safety & SAR) Currently webmaster & journal developer of the Journal of SAR.


  • Seeking Opportunities & Mentors (Available immediately. Willing to relocate globally)
    • A job and a career-path to serve in maritime safety and search & rescue (SAR).
    • Mentors
    • Or entry-level jobs driving small-boats in any sector (40ft or less, RHIBs, & PWCs)
    • Training in the above
    • Willing to volunteer for opportunities
    • View services I can provide here
I need someone, some org., to realize my potential and help me focus my passion, enthusiasm, drive, and creativity to serve in this field. My limited but unique knowledge, experiences, and potential and service-ability are going to waste. We have but one life to live. Please contact me if you have opportunities, or interest in co-authoring on projects or papers.

  • I'm passionate about maritime SAR, having various ways in which i can contribute, such as serving as rescue boat crew, technical writing, website work, and data/knowledge modeling.

    I've told SAR colleagues: Like a keeper of a lighthouse who lives at his station, so I would at a rescue boat station. I'd study charts each day, housekeep the station, maintain the boat(s), and gear, and respond to calls with any team. That is what I want to do in any capacity with this life.
  • Training experiences on rescue boats globally, so I'm familiar with systems, management, PPE, good & bad practices, and the boats of various SAR groups.

  • Skilled in technical writing, manual and study-guide development, and web content management/editing.
  • Published academic author
  • Presently...
    • hold a U.S. Merchant Mariner Credential;
    • hold international certificate as a PWC basic rescue operator;
    • serve as webmaster and journal developer for the Journal of SAR.

My online maritime resume.
Example project: Maritime SAR Bibliography
Ask to connect on linkedin.
Non-maritime CV available on request.


M.A., 2011

Mariners School / Mariner's Learning System
Merchant Mariner Credential (Deck Officer - Master 100 Ton), 2008
Deck Officer

University of Maryland

Professional Associations

The Maritime Professional Responders and Officers Association (Maritime PRO)
2019 - Present

U.S. Power Squadrons
2018 - 2019

International Association of Water Rescue Professionals
2016 - 2018

International Maritime Rescue Federation
2016 - Present

US Life-Saving Service Heritage Association
2015 - 2018

Association for Rescue At Sea (AFRAS)
2011 - 2012

U.S. Merchant Marine
2008 - Present

2006 - 2015

Honors and Awards

Auxiliary Operations Annual Service Performance Award
USCG Auxiliary

CG Unit Commendation
USCG Auxiliary

Operations (runner-up)
USCG Auxiliary

Public Affairs
USCG Auxiliary

Sustained Service Award
USCG Auxiliary