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Robert Rovetto

(Seeking Opportunities in Maritime Small-boat ops, Maritime Safety & SAR) Currently volunteer webmaster & developer of the Journal of SAR. Licensed Merchant Mariner. Certified Jetski Rescue Opeartor. Former USCG Aux. B.A. & M.A.


(Currently seeking opportunities)
I'm seeking a job, training and a career path to serve in maritime safety an search and rescue (SAR).

Short of that I'm seeking general opportunities to drive small-boats such as RHIBs (anything 40ft or less).

I'm passionate about maritime SAR. I've had training experiences on rescue boats in multiple countries. I'm skilled in technical writing and study guide development as well.

I currently hold a Deck Officer (Master) Merchant Mariner Credential; and a cert. as a jetski rescue operator. I've previously served in the USCG Auxiliary as boat crew member, aid-to-navigation verifier, and flotilla staff officer for navigation systems. I currently serve as volunteer webmaster and developer for the Journal of SAR.

My online maritime resume at


M.A., 2011

University of Maryland

Mariners School / Mariner's Learning System
Merchant Mariner Credential (Deck Officer - Master 100 Ton), 2008
Deck Officer