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Wendy Flynn

Environmental Analyst,
Connecticut DEEP


I joined the CT Department of Energy & Environmental Protection Boating Division as an Environmental Analyst in 2005, where I was responsible for environmental education for boaters with a focus on aquatic invasive species and understanding the Clean Vessel Act and the importance of using pumpout stations. With retirements and division reorganizations in 2013, I became the lead staff person responsible for boating safety outreach and education. I have a great team that does amazing work to promote clean and safe boating in Connecticut.

Before joining the Boating Division in 2005, I worked at a coastal engineering firm specializing in designing boating access structures, and in DEEP’s coastal zone management program conducting permitting and enforcement duties.

I have served on the NASBLA Paddle Sports and Education Committees for three years. This year, I am excited to take on the role of Microlearning Charge Lead.


University of Connecticut
Storrs, Connecticut, United States
Coastal Studies