2020 Operation Dry Water Medium Category, Top Agency Award Winner Recognized


DECEMBER 15, 2020: 2020 Operation Dry Water Medium Category, Top Agency Award Winner Recognized
*This is a transcript of the "2020 Operation Dry Water Medium Category, Top Agency Award Winner Recognized" video from the virtual recognition ceremony on Thursday, November 19th, 2020.


Hello everyone! I hope you are having a great week and that you and your families are staying safe and healthy. I would like to welcome you back to another NASBLA Virtual Awards recognition ceremony!

As many of you know, the Operation Dry Water campaign typically recognizes all of its award winners in-person at the NASBLA Annual Conference. Unfortunately, we were not able to do so this year since the Conference was held virtually, which is why we are gathered here today to recognize one of our 2020 Operation Dry Water award winners!

The Operation Dry Water Awards Program recognizes law enforcement officers and agencies that are making a positive impact on boating under the influence (BUI) awareness and enforcement in their communities.

The top agency in each category (small, medium and large) is recognized nationally based on the number of BUI arrests made, divided by the number of officers deployed for the Operation Dry Water weekend. The agency with the highest percentage in each category is recognized.

The 2020 Operation Dry Water Medium Category, Top Agency Award goes to the Illinois Conservation Police.

During the three-day Operation Dry Water weekend, the Illinois Conservation Police deployed 70 officers who made 20 boating under the influence arrests. Additionally, these officers made contact with over 4,000 recreational boaters and issued 118 boating citations. 

Our thanks go out to the Illinois Conservation Police for their participation and dedication to BUI prevention. Without the assistance of state agencies, the Operation Dry Water campaign would not be nearly as successful. Congratulations to the Illinois Conservation Police!

Now, Lieutenant Curtis Lewis, if you would like to make some comments, please do so.


Well, I can tell you right now, that Illinois, like the rest of the states, we are very proud to work with the NASBLA organization, and to work on the Operation Dry Water and make our waterways a lot safer, by being out there, representing and keeping the boating under the influence at a minimum.

We appreciate all the work that the NASBLA staff has done and the other entities that are involved with Operation Dry Water.

And one thing that obviously we've all had to deal with this year due to the pandemic is, we had to adjust and we had to be out there and do the work that we could in a safe manner. And we all know everybody wanted to be outdoors as much as possible, which increased, obviously, our workload. But it was a very beneficial year for us, we had a good year on the water and hopefully we can continue to work with NASBLA and continue to make big strides on keeping the waterway safe.

Again, thank you to NASBLA and the officers in the field that worked hard to earn this award for us and we're very proud to receive it.

Thank you.


Again, thanks Curt. Excellent job by your Department!

Finally, again, NASBLA would like to thank the Illinois Conservation Police for their commitment to ensuring the safety of all boaters in Illinois by removing impaired operators from the water. We also would like to thank your Department for all of their efforts to educate boaters on the dangers of boating under the influence, as well as spreading awareness of the Operation Dry Water campaign.

Again, congratulations and thank you!


Watch the full 2020 Operation Dry Water Medium Category, Top Agency Award recognition video on NASBLA's Vimeo channel!