BUI Training


NASBLA offers Boating Under the Influence Detection and Enforcement training through grant and tuition-based courses. A variety of BUI training is available to meet your agency's needs.

BUI-01: 8-hour Seated Battery Transition Training Course

For officers with previous BUI training but not trained in the new seated battery of standardized field sobriety tests (SFSTs). Upon completion the officer can properly administer and evaluate the seated battery of SFSTs during their BUI investigations.

BUI-01 Course Overview

BUI-03: 24-hour BUI Detection and Enforcement Course

This three-day course is designed for law enforcement officers never trained in BUI enforcement or who need a BUI refresher course. Officers who haven't had a refresher course recently should consider attending. Officers with traditional DUI enforcement training from their academy will benefit from the marine focus of this course.

BUI-03 Course Overview

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