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Many of the videos can also be viewed on Operation Dry Water's Vimeo channel.


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The Operation Dry Water campaign has created various compilation videos from past ODW heightened awareness and enforcement weekends to showcase some of the work of our partners. These compilation videos include live interviews with officers, footage of BUI arrests, promotional videos and other media content.

Please view and share these compilation videos to help us raise awareness of the annual Operation Dry Water campaign and the dangers and risks associated with boating under the influence.

ODW 2020 Compilation Videos

2021 Operation Dry Water weekend - full compilation video

2021 Operation Dry Water Enforcement & Awareness Video - 1 Minute

2021 Operation Dry Water Law Enforcement Video - 1 Minute

2020 Operation Dry Water Weekend -
Full Compilation Video

2020 Operation Dry Water Law Enforcement Video -
1 Minute